Blue Horizon New Test

I am sure many of you have received this information, but I think it is a very useful test covering so many of the tests we need, more comprehensive than just the Thyroid Intermediate:

You can have it done in in a Spire or Nuffield, or in London, or even a home test which is brilliant for those who are a bit out-of-way like me. It is on special offer in December.

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  • Do we know if that is a standard serum B12 test or an Active B12 test that is included?

  • The normal test from BH is the active one, but to be sure I suppose it is always best to ask first.

  • Please be aware that there is a £49 charge in addition to the cost for the Nuffield hospitals. This isn't apparent until you go on to the site and find out the nearest hospital. Seems a good package though!

  • Thanks, ann, for bringing that to our attention, it always helps to know exactly what is involved.

    I have done several home tests and would probably do so again.

    Marie XX

  • Apologies for my dimness but do these hospitals offer early morning appointments to have blood taken?


  • Hi - my Spire hospital was very accommodating and I got tested early in the morning before I went to work.

  • jezebel69 - thanks.

  • marram - test was duly ordered and was pleased to see that the medical fee has now been waived. That obviously makes a big difference to the cost.

  • Well, that's good news. I have always found them very good and my GP even accepted the result (not the old one who called me mad for taking T3!)

  • I won't be passing a copy to the NHS that's for sure!

  • :D

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