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Which Blue a Horizon test?

Hello I had my blood tests done yesterday, but GP has said they will not test T3, so I want to get the test done privately. My previous tests have always been 'normal'.

Should I just have my T3 tested or should I have the following test done:

NewThyroid Profile Advanced home blood test


Thank you .

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Hi mini, that's the one I had done first,it does give a more complete picture my gp if you can manage it,IMHO have it done.


Thank you for replying. I just need to find out if it is my thyroid causing all my problems....GP says it isn't .


Before you go to Blue Horizon get your results from your GP, including ranges, and post them here. For the future, make sure you always ask for all test results. It's amazing how their idea of "normal" changes when they know you will see the results (personal experience).

Your GP should certainly do the antibody tests and it is actually possible to get FT3 done on the NHS, despite what your GP tells you. The labs will usually try to refuse - my own GP had to ask twice and the second time rang them to put in a special request.


Thank you for replying. I'm not seeing the doctor until 17th Dec! But I think I will wait and see what the results are before paying for a private test.


Also ask him to test your Vit B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate levels. These are commonly low in hypo patients and any that are low in range should be raised. My personal experience now makes me tell everyone to ask for their kidneys to be tested too. It seems to me that under performing kidneys go hand in hand with hypo and I am now taking alpha lipoic acid. I only found out about my kidneys because my GP knows that I now ask for all results.

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I have had 4 kidney tests this year. The first was ok and then the next too weren't and then the 4th one was ok again. Have just had the test done again along with all the tests you have mentioned. Thank you .


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