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Blue Horizon have a new website!

Blue Horizon have a new website!

Blue Horizon have a new website - - which includes new key features. Paul Harris informs us of the following:

•Earn Pathology Points with every test kit ordered. These can then be spent either on future test kits or at other participating Blue Horizon Medicals websites for any follow up testing that needs hospital attendance.

•The PLUS SIX, PLUS TEN and PLUS ELEVEN are currently £10 off, and will also currently earn 10 Pathology Points. The PLUS TWELVE and PLUS FIFTEEN are eligible for the Thyroid UK discount codes in the PDF and will also earn 20 pathology points. We’re also currently offering 5% off the basket total - details can be found in the coupon code section of the shopping cart.

•We now send kits out ourselves instead of asking the laboratories to do this. This gives us better control of the process and helps to improve user experience.

•We now offer the options of a guaranteed next day return envelope, both to send kits to patients, and for patients to send their kits back to the laboratory. It’s entirely optional and just £4.90 each way. If two tests are ordered, all postal options are free of charge.

•Postal test kits now come with an “unreported results” option for those that liaise with their own G.P. or endocrinologist. For those able to choose this option, this will avoid delays in us emailing results to you as our own G.P. does not need to comment.

•If you choose the Nurse Visit or BMI phlebotomy appointment, you will notice that the price has gone up by £4. However, we can now guarantee a successful blood draw or give you a full refund in the event of a failed blood draw. There is a proviso however, we can only offer this money back guarantee if you have not previously had an unsuccessful blood draw through us.

•Logging in and your own account – If you have previously had a login on the old Blue Horizon Postal website you may need to enter your details again as we couldn’t migrate passwords for obvious reasons.

You’ll know if we have your details as when you enter your email address the checkout will recognise your email. You’ll be given the choice to login, in which case you may need to change your password, but you don’t need to as once you’ve placed your order we’ll be able to assign the order to your account and give you your pathology points.

•Five BD Microtainer lancets in each finger-prick kit as standard – these in our experience give the best results.

•We’re also giving away a huge 55mm (over 2 inch) promotional pathology point chocolate coin with every order whilst stocks last.

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Sounds very good indeed and am sure many will benefit.


Are you still using Nuffield Hospitals for blood draws?


I'm not sure. Would you like me to ask them?


Yes please - my nearest BMI hospital is miles away. Thank you.


Paul Harris says:

Blood draws of our postal kits, no.

Blood draws with blood test included on , yes.

Hope that helps.

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