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Introducing the Blue Horizon Thyroid Check PLUS 12

Introducing the Blue Horizon Thyroid Check PLUS 12

Hi Everyone!

Thank you all so much for your input over the extra tests needed...

As promised, here is the Thyroid Check PLUS 12 - Everything in the PLUS TEN but also with Vitamin D and Reverse T3. Vacutainer only, sorry!

Sample Required: Blood. Vacutainer only. No freezing requirements.

Turnaround time: 2-3 WEEKS

Tests Included: 12

We are happy to be able to support the Thyroid community by introducing the Blue Horizon Thyroid Check PLUS 12. Everything in the PLUS 10, and also Vitamin D and REVERSE T3!

Full list of tests..





5.Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies

6.Thyroglobulin Antibodies



9.Vitamin B12

10.C Reactive Protein

11.Vitamin D (25 OH)


£159 Web price, use voucher code TUK10 to get this for £149.00

Have a great week,

Paul. :-)

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Thank you Paul.

I am sure this new bloods bundle will be much used.

For those who don't know what a vacutainer is ......

A Vacutainer is the traditional way to take blood - it involves a needle in the inside of the elbow area, and the vacutainers (the tubes with the coloured tops) are inserted into a vacutainer holder which is screwed onto the back of the needle. Due to the volume of blood they will hold - typically between 3 and 7ml they are the blood collection method of choice when it comes to large profiles.

You will need a health care professional to take your blood using this method - a phlebotomist, nurse or doctor should be able to do this, and it is the method used in GP surgeries and Hospitals around the world.

You may be charged for a private collection, or you may be able to get it done for free at your GP clinic or local Hospital.

(Copied & pasted from Blue Horizons previous post)



Nice offer but I'd like to know the following:

FT4 and FT3 tests: basis of method, two-step or one-step and if one-step whether labelled analogue or labelled antibody.


Diogenes, I'll look into this technical question for you by asking the biochemist that runs the test. Should have an answer tomorrow. Happy ro help.



Hi Diogenes,

I have a couple of pack inserts for you - best that I email them to you, they're a bit huge. Should answer all your questions. email me at, say that you're Diogenes and I'll know what you mean!



I have had some Blue Horizon tests at my local Spire hospital .

Can it be done with this test ?



Hi PinkPeony,

This test cannot be undertaken at a Spire or Nuffield hospital, as we have separate pathology contracts with them.

Let me know your postcode and I'll find you a phlebotomist where you can get your blood drawn.

Paul. :-D


Thank you for the prompt reply Paul.

My postcode is <edited by admin>

It would be after Christmas I think.


For your own protection we strongly advise against posting email addresses. Please use Pm’s.






Phew Paul , bit of a trek !

Maybe will ask at surgery .

Thanks pp


That would do me. Have PM'd you.

PinkPeony, if you are in the Tyne and Wear area and want to go to Darlington, if we can go on the same day, I'll take you.


Paul, are you offering it via Spire for the blood draw?


No, we're not, as it is not Spire Pathology that we use for the testing. If you take it into Spire, then havoc and mayhem will ensue, along with a hefty bill for another £200 or so....

We'll have some more phlebotomy sites available soon!



Paul - if I can't get the vacutainer filled, what type of blood bottle/coagulant would be an acceptable replacement. I work at a hospital so can get blood drawn easily enough but we don't use vacutainers so I don't think the staff are used to them. Would it be a serum gel bottle?


Hi Harry - You are quite right - Vacutainer is a Trademarked name by Baird Dickinson for a blood tube!

A serum tube - 5-7 ml will be enough.

Best Wishes and a Happy new Year.



Paul, looking for a phlebotomist in the Southend area (SS0). Do you have a national list??


Update on PLUS 12..

The PLUS 12 will also now include a RT3 Ratio calculation - so not an extra test but a calculated value - I've noticed in some discussions some have been trying to calculate it themselves so thought this would be super helpful. Call it a baker's dozen! 

No extra cost either.

Best wishes to all,

Paul Harris.


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