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Blood test meanings???

Hi everyone.

I'm still searching for an explanation for why I feel so ill and in pain all the time.

Have had more rounds of blood test and a psych evaluation!

I have managed to get print outs of test nut they mean nothing to me :-( can anyone see anything wrong?

The psych said I've got severe depression and a moderate anxiety disorder but I Just know its not all in my head!

Bear with me there are a lot of them lol:

Plasma Glucose 4.5 mmol/L (*u 3 - 7.8)

Thyroid funtion test serum tsh 1.46 miu/L (*u 0.35 - 4.5)

Erythrocyte sedimentation rate 6mm/h u_2 - 15

Bone: serum calcium 2.19 mmol/L u_2.1 - 2.55

corrected serum calcium level 2.07 mmol/L u 2.1 - 2.55

serum inorganic phosphate 1.28mmol/L u 0.8 - 1.50

serum alkaline phosphatase 74 iu/L u30 - 130

serum total protein 71g/L u60 - 80

serum albumin 47 g/L u 35 -50

serum globulin 24 g/L u 20-35

c-reactive protein 2.0 mg/L u 0 - 5

Gamma GT 22iu/L u 5 - 35

Rheumatoid factor 9.9 lu/mL u 0 - 10

Liver function test : Serum ALT level 15 iu/L u 10 - 36

serum alkaline phosphatase 74 iu/L u 30 - 130

serum total bilirubin level 3 umol/L u 0 - 21

serum total protein 71 g/L u 60 - 80

serum albumin 47g/L u 35 - 50

serum globulin 24 g/L u 20 - 35

GFR serum creatinine 60 umol/L u 44 - 80

gfr calculated abbreviated MDRD greater than 60 mL/min u 60 - 99999

urea and electrolytes: serum sodium 139 mmol/L u 133-146

serum potassium 3.8 mmol/L u 3.5 - 5.3

serum creatinine 60 umol/L u 44 - 80

FBC: Haemoglobin estimation 139 g/L u 120 - 160

platelet count 299 10*9/L u 150 -400

red bloodcell count 4.71 10*12/L u 3.9 - 5

haematocrit 0.451 L/L u 0.36 - 0.44

mean corpuscular volume 95.9 fL u 77 - 98

MCH 29.6 pg u 27.3 - 32.6

MCHC 309 g/L u 316 - 349

Neutrophil count 6.15 10*9/L u 1.7 - 7.5

Lymphocyte count 2.08 10*8/L u 1 - 3.2

Monocyte count 0.44 10*9/L u 0.2 - 0.6

Eosiniphil count 0.18 10*9/L u 0.03 - 0.46

Basophil count 0.05 10*9/L u 0.02 - 0.1

total white cell count 8.9 10*9/L u 3.9 - 11.1

Sorry about the essay folks, hopefully somewhere out there one of you will know what this all means xx

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I am not a doctor, but I was a lab tech and if I was a guessing person I would imagine that your on the edge of having Rheumatoid Arthritis. That is the only level that stands out and its on the high side of normal. Most likely it will eventually come out that this is what you have, but it is odd the your sed rate or Esr same thing is normal. Usually they go hand in hand, but I would ask your Doctor what he/she thinks about your chances of you having RA.

Hope that helps


Good morn g early23,

I read on her that you was a lab tech,could you please look at my recent blood test l posted on her yesterday,if you wouldn't mind,as concerned about the (RBC)which has come back 3 times abnormal,



Hi I agree with Carly. The more important thing is , especially in view of the psyche, common GP ploy meaning I do not have a clue, is you need T4 and free T3 testing. TSH on its own is useless for thyroid. I think these will show the correct picture.

Best wishes,


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Thanks Carly, I have always had joint probs and was told a few years ago that I have inflammatory arthritis. What about the Calcium thing is that not questionable?


It's a pity they did all those tests and yet only did TSH for thyroid. Have you had one recently that includes T4 and T3? They would give a clearer picture. Are you on any thyroid medication and what are your symptoms?


Hi Hennerton,

No I have not had a T4 or T3 test, my doctors refuse point blank to do them. My symptoms are numerous which is what first prompted the doctor to look at my Thyroid. Main ones tired are:

*zero energy

*extremely tired



*severe pain in my joints and muscles

*itchy, dry, cracked, skin which is thickened on feet and hands

*My hair is not balding but falls out like after you've given birth

*Swollen hands in morning

*swollen glands and sore throat often

* crappy nails, lines, yellowing

*weight gain

* twitchy eyelids regularly

there are many more that i have always put down getting older but I'm only 34

p.s hubby said to include that I have a funny tummy if I eat eggs, red meat, or fatty things


My calcium levels have been similar to yours. One the serum was marginally below the minimum but the corrected within range, next time it was the reverse. When I questioned doctors said not to worry about and that supplementing calcium has risk for the heart and to drink a pint of milk a day, etc. I'm not convinced as I've seen information which indicated that calcium levels are rarely so closely linked to diet and concerned as my grandfather had osteoporosis very early in life. I'd be interested to see if you come up with a more sensible answer as I rarely come across people with similar calcium levels or these being discussed on-line.


Thats very interesting my Nan has OP and has it from an early age. I read on line last night about something called Hypocalcimea? (spelling dubious) have a look at that and see what you think, I am in no way clever enough to interpret thinks properly but am thoroughly sick of being palmed off with anti depressants that don't work. I want to enjoy my children and life but find I cant!


Your doctor was right about the supplementary calcium. It would be better to take vit D3 and vit K2


I think hypocalcemia is diagnosed when the levels are significantly lower than the range. But this is just it, it's not easy when levels if anything are close to the range, doctors are fixated on these. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's through antibody tests but offered no treatment or advice and my thyroid levels are 'within range' too. I changed my diet and take high quality supplements and have seen a significant improvement in my cognitive functioning and well being. Nutritional deficiencies appear widespread and who knows how much they contribute to other conditions and illnesses. If not already taking any you should at lest try B-complex, D3, iron. if they're good quality and high enough levels you'll see improvement pretty quick, mine was within a fortnight (GP told me to allow 3 months but then the levels they prescribe to people are only minute).

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Have you had your Vit D levels checked, low Vit D could account for the slightly low corrected calcium level and would definitely cause joint pain and fatigue if very low. Also have you had a ferritin level done? It may be worth asking for that to be checked as well. I would ask for Vit D and Ferritin to be checked and get the Rheumatoid factor re-done in a couple of months to see if it's changed.


Thanks Shaz,

Asking my doc for anything is a nightmare, they seem to take offence, and tell you there is no point. I am seriously considering paying for private tests but with four children and single (Cornish) income coming in money is very tight.


But if you are asking, you might want to throw in vit B12 and magnesium, because they are both very important and when they're low you can feel very ill.


I had the same problem with my doctors, I've been through the whole surgery. I found taking in a written list of all my symptoms along with suggestions for tests relating to some of the symptoms helped. I dated it and put please attach this copy to my medical records. It got me some tests and a referral to an endocrinologist, they were probably worried about a lawsuit if they missed something important. Might be worth a try.

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ok that is a good idea, i tried taking a written list with me but got told it was non specific and given it back. I'm definitely going to ask for it to be attached to my notes! Thanks x


You can get a Vitamin D test online - this is actually done by the NHS (!) so your GP wouldn't be able to dismiss the results if they were low.


Hi Mum, I'll post Dr. Clark's 1st video about low thyroid function since it has to do with serotonin and dopamine and all those brain things that become low because of the thyroid. He also explains how important ferritin is to the brain as well in another video.

You doctor is obviously BIASED. Any logical conclusion is that you have some sort of hormonal disease at least from your symptoms. What is the most prevalent hormonal disease beside diabetes? I think it might be thyroid especially if you are a woman.


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