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Blood test results help please

Having trouble staying in my previous thread for some reason, window keeps closing when I try and view it so starting a new thread for the blood tests of my relative.

I have passed on all the information that I was given yesterday (well all that I could see, will try on a different computer later and hopefully will be able to read the other replies) and she is very grateful for all the help. I have taken these blood test results from her and told her to get her tft results as more help and advice can be given.

Meds she is on now:

Levo 50 mg - she is not sure when she started it but thinks it's probably around 5 years now. Have advised the empty stomach in the morning with water only an hour before food or the two hours after food in the evening. She has been taking it in the morning 20 minutes before breakfast and will change it from tomorrow

Omeprazole - has been on it for almost a year because of pain she thinks is her stomach but from where she is pointing I would say might not be stomach. It's on the left about an inch or so higher than bellybutton level. She still gets the pain,not everyday but it's often in the evening. She has taken this medication before in the past and it had been prescribed when she went on diets to try and lose weight. She was taking it with the levo in the morning but is changing that from tomorrow to taking it before her lunch. She will also start a food and symptoms diary to try and see if there is any link with food and symptoms. She's on a fodmap diet. Have advised her to do the diary for a few weeks and then see her doctor.

Multivitamin centrum advance 50+ which she was also taking first thing in the morning but as I told her that calcium and iron supplements shouldn't be taken with levo and that she should wait 4 hours she is now going to take it with her evening meal. With her ferritin around 40 I told she should get a better supplement for that as it only contains 2.1 mg. She should supplement b12 too shouldn't she? I was thinking sublinguals maybe? Or would a spray be better?

She also went to the doctor two weeks ago complaining of dizziness. It started a few weeks ago but got worse. Ears are fine but in the end was told she had a middle ear infection and was given prochlorperazine to take twice a day. She takes it with breakfast and with dinner but she still feels a bit dizzy. I pointed out that perhaps it is thyroid related. Then got her to look at the hypothyroid symptoms list on the website and she ticked loads.

Here are the blood test results (minus tft which we hopefully will get at some point this week).


Total white blood count 3.4 10*9/L (4.0-11.0) BELOW RANGE

Red blood cell count 4.64 10*12/L (3.8-5.3)

Haemoglobin concentration: 143g/L (115.0-160.0)

Haematocrit 0.426 1/1 (0.35-0.46)

Mean cell volume : 91.8 fL( 80.0-100.0)

Mean cell haemoglobin level: 30.8 pg(27.0-32.0)

Red blood cell distr. width : 13,3(11-16)

Platelet count - 188 10*9/L (150.0-400.0)

Meal platelet volume : 8.4fL

Neutrophil count: 1.97 10*9/L (2.0-8.0) BELOW RANGE

Lymphocyte count 0.98 10*9/L(1.0-4.5)BELOW RANGE

Monocyte count : 0.26 10*9/L(0.1-0.8)

Eosinophil count : 0.13 10*9/L(0.0-0.4)

Basophil count 0.04 10*9/L (0.0- 0.3)

Plasma fasting glucose: 4.8 nmol/L (3.5-6.0)

Serum potassium 4.0(3.4-5.0)

Serum sodium 141 nmol/L(135.0-145.0)

Serum urea 3.8 nmol/L(0.0-7.5)

Serum cretinine 69 nmol/L(35.0-125.0)

GFR >60

Serum albumin 41g/L (30-51)

Serum total billirubin 7umol/L(0-17)

Serum alkaline phosphotase 117u/L(30-135)

Serum alanine aminotransferase 30u/L (0-50)

Serum cholesterol: 4.9 nmol/L

triglyceride: 0.9 (no range)

HDL cholesterol 1.29 nmol(no range)

LDL cholesterol 3.21 nmol/L(no range)

cholesterol/HDL ratio 3.7 1/1

Serum c reactive protein level 2mg/L (0-6)

ESR 4mm/h (5-15) BELOW RANGE

Vitamin B12 353 ng/L (211-911)

Folate 14.06 ug/L (greater than 5.38)

Ferritin 46.8 ug/L (10 - 291)

Any opinions or advice still very welcome. Her main complaint is the tiredness.

Sorry for the long post!

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Hi - not a reply to your question..... If you are having technical problems - please report it via the Support Centre in 'Help' on the green bar - thanks!


Hi Louise thanks for the tip. I managed to fix the problem by clearing my history,cookies etc and I was able to open that post again.


I cannot comment on the blood tests as I don't know enough. I do know, though, that the B12 is too low. People over 60 are advised to have a B12 level of at least 500.Low B12 may be the cause of alzeimers. Studies have been done. If she supplements with B12, it must be methylcobalamin and you can get sublingual which dissolve under the tongue. Some links for you to read:-

Go to questions dated April 22, 2007 and November 20, 2002

This link is only for you as I wouldn't want to worry the person:


Thank you again Shaws. Great interesting links.

Sublingual is what I was thinking of. I see strength can be 1000 or 5000 so I imagine 5000 is probably best with her levels?


I would (not medically qualified) with 5,000 and you cannot overdose as excess is excreted and then drop down to the lower level when bottle is finished.


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