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I paid for full bloods having stopped B12, B comp and Vit D. The aim was to check for anaemia and have an active B12 test?

Based on previous blood tests posted, I wanted to have active B12 test. St Thomas' Hospital confirmed I needed to stop supplementing for 4 weeks. So as a pre active B12 I decided to stop my vitamin D3 too and pay for an essentials blood test as it is nearly a year since I was last tested and my GP and Endo will not test for anything. The results below still show an increasing amount of evidence of towards anaemia but not the actual B12 numbers. Also I am concerned about other points,

o... The blood glucose, is that hypoglycaemia?

o.. The calcium, I don't understand why that is so high and can I take vit D again or will that affect the calcium levels and make them rise more? Is there anything I can take to reduce the calcium?

o... Should I still proceed with active B12 test?

o... What are the other abnormalities and do I need to action anything?

I don't feel great at the moment. I have a fuzzy head. Headaches, unsteady on my feet so much so that I am pretty uncomfortable on elevators, sleeping less, shortness of breath, slightly nauseous, joint pain and had some very unusual heart rushes after eating. My temp ranges from 35.1 to 36.5 . My T4 has unexpectedly risen so I guess I need to reduce my meds? On the same meds last November my Free T4 22, 9-23,THS 0.24 0.55-4.79

Free T3 4.7 3.5-6.5

I am Graves, TT, 100/125mcg levo.

I fasted for 12 hours prior to the test but forgot and took my thyroxine just before the test.... I have starred the out of range ones.


Red Blood Cells

HAEMOGLOBIN 12.2 g/dL 11.5 - 15.5

HCT 0.405 0.33 - 0.45

RED CELL COUNT * 3.75 x10^12/L 3.95 - 5.15 this was 3.80 in Nov 12

MCV * 108.0 fL 80 - 99 this was 96 in Nov 12

MCH 32.5 pg 26.0 - 33.5

MCHC 30.1 g/dL 30 - 35

RDW 13.9 11.5 - 15.0

White Blood Cells

WHITE CELL COUNT 4.72 x10^9/L 3.0 - 10.0

Neutrophils 2.25 x10^9/L 2.0 - 7.5

Lymphocytes 1.98 x10^9/L 1.2 - 3.65

Monocytes * 0.18 x10^9/L 0.2 - 1.0

Eosinophils 0.30 x10^9/L 0.0 - 0.4

Basophils 0.01 x10^9/L 0.0 - 0.1

Clotting Cells

PLATELET COUNT * 137 x10^9/L 150 - 400 this was 280 in Nov 12

MPV 10.9 fL 7 - 13


Kidney Function

SODIUM 145 mmol/L 135 - 145

POTASSIUM Storage hunters

CHLORIDE 100 mmol/L 98 - 107

BICARBONATE * 17 mmol/l 22 - 29

UREA 5.6 mmol/L 1.7 - 8.3

CREATININE 87 umol/L 49 - 92


TOTAL PROTEIN 73 g/L 63 - 83

ALBUMIN 48 g/L 34 - 50

GLOBULIN 25 g/L 19 – 35

Liver Function

BILIRUBIN 7 umol/L 0 - 20




CK 54 IU/L 26 - 140

GAMMA GT 16 IU/L 6 - 42


TOTAL PROTEIN 73 g/L 63 - 83

ALBUMIN 48 g/L 34 - 50

GLOBULIN 25 g/L 19 – 35


CALCIUM * 2.59 mmol/L 2.15 - 2.55

Corrected Calcium 2.52 mmol/L 2.15 - 2.55

PHOSPHATE * 1.96 mmol/L 0.87 - 1.45

Gout Test

URIC ACID 309 umol/L 175 - 363

Diabetes Test

RANDOM BLOOD GLUCOSE (FL) * 2.6 mmol/L 3.5 - 7.9

FASTING BLOOD GLUCOSE (FL) * 2.6 mmol/L 3.5 – 5.8

Iron Profile

IRON * 26.7 umol/L 6.6 - 26.0

T.I.B.C * 79 umol/L 41 - 77


Lipid Profile

TRIGLYCERIDES 1.2 mmol/L < 2.3

CHOLESTEROL * 6.6 mmol/L Optimum <5.0 this was 5.4 just 4 weeks ago

HDL CHOLESTEROL * 2.0 mmol/L 1.2 - 1.7

LDL CHOLESTEROL * 4.1 mmol/L Up to 3.0

Heart Disease Risk

HDL % of total 30 % 20 and over


Thyroid Test

FREE THYROXINE * 29.5 pmol/l 12.0 - 22.0

Vitamin Test

B12 * 706 pmol/l 141-489

Serum Folate 39.0 nmol/l 10.4-42.4

Vitamin D 60 nmol/l 50-150

Celiac Disease and Helicobacter Pylori Test both negative

Any comments would be greatly received.

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If I were you I would be stopping the VitD - the more vitd in your body the more calcium your body makes. I would also be asking my GP for a parathyroid test. Do you know what your vitd was before you started supplements? Was it very low? and what strength of supplements are you taking?

Low VitD and high calcium levels could be a sign of parathyroid issues - do you have calcium results from before you started taking vitd? as it would be good to compare them with the ones you have just had done.

Cant help with any of the other issues, sorry, but the calcium/vitd issues is definately worth looking into.

Moggie x

p.s. Your iron is also high - have you ben supplementing this to?


Hi Moggie

Thanks for the reply.

After having my thyroid removed 3 years ago the surgeon said my calcium levels were low and gave me calcium to take and told me to keep an eye on it. From having my thyroid removed I just took one Tesco calcium with Vit D which has 400.0mg in and 2.5ug of vit d which says is 50% of your RDA. Then last year I was given high doses of steroids via iv for my eyes and they said to keep an eye on my calcium again. At that time I felt generally dreadful. That's how I came across you lovely people. I then started on 25ug of chewable vit d3 without being tested. But I figured that as I never go out that I would likely be low. I did feel a lot better taking it. Last November my calcium levels were:-

Calcium 2.442.20-2.60

Adjusted calcium 2.372.20-2.60

Should I stay off the vit d or another month and retest? My Gp's are hard work and will not test for anything.

Many thanks


I would do as hampster suggests and take ALL these results to your GP - how they are not keeping a closer eye on you is criminal. They cannot ignore these results as they were done at a reputable hosp and yes, until you get medical advise I would stay well clear of any vtd or calcium tabs.

So sorry I cant be of any further help but I am not medically trained.

Moggie x


ah and p.s. no not supplementing iron. No supplements at all for the last four weeks except for magnesium and sage! x


Hi Shambles,

Your very high MCV 108 fL seems indicative of a B12 or folate deficiency.

Was the B12 and folate results you list above done at the same time? They are both quite high which could suggest that the B12 and/or folate is not reaching cell level. This could be because you don't have a lot of active B12, or because you have a transport defect or methylation cycle defect. You would probably benefit from the Active B12 test and the MMA test as well. If you're going to get it done at St Thomas' I would ask for both, if you can afford it (it irks me that we have to pay for these essential tests).

Perhaps you should discuss the results with the doc first, since you are showing macrocytic anaemia, he might refer you to a haemotologist?

H x

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Hi lovely Hampster

Thanks again, I feel like i'm always asking the same question :-S.

My surgery are not interested. I have asked for more blood tests and they will not do them which is why I am paying for these and some more prior to my annual Endo visit in the hope I can get someone to take it seriously.

Yes all the tests where done on the same day.

I am going to pay for the active B12 test and will have a look at how much MMA test is. Maybe then I will be sent to a haematologist.

I too am surprised at how high my B12 and folate are given its now nearly five weeks since I stopped taking them.

Thanks again for your input. It really helps. x


I worry that your GP won't understand or accept the active B12 and MMA tests, if you have them done, if they are as disinterested as you say.

However, I think you should go and see them first with all the results so far, as Moggie says. And if they don't understand them, they should be referring you on to someone who does (endo, haemo)?

Whilst you're there you can mention active B12 and MMA, and ask them upfront if they would accept the findings (and treat you) if you had these tests done privately.

H x


Hi there moggy is correct, having high calcium, should be further investigated

Alongside PTH. Vitamin d will cause you more issues, look at Dr Norman, the parathyroid site, lots of information.


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