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Dear all

I was diagnosed after severe joint paint in my shoulders back and legs that was unbeareable, i felt cold and tired, i new something was on as i always been vey active. The only diagnosis was depression in 2010 in spain as i had to go back to my family t be looked after. I always checked my thyroid as my sister has hashimotos and my mum as well but her story is following years of depression. There was nothing no presense of antibodys (TPO) or TGI until august 2011 when i had TPO normal and TGI 100'2 UI7ml (0-4.11).

I was put on a trial of 25 thryroine and diagnose with initial autoinmune thyroditis but i was already on antidepressants. I tried to give them up twice but i feel terrible.I went to see DR skinner who increased my thryroxine and decreased my antidepressants. two months after finishing them i started to feel very unwell and depressed as i was decreasing them i feel myslef following into the no motivation and antisocial corner.

A week ago i had to decide to be back on the citalopram i am currency on 15mg to be revised i used to be very well on them when i was on 30mg. it helped me with the pain i hardly noticed it and fell well but never 100 %. i was doing my normal live and sometimes i even went back to dancing. I used to dance.

AT the moment i am on 100 of thyroxine and i dont know if i am having too much or not,

I have decided to take the matters and investigate why i started to feel like this when i was a very healthy person and i dont seem to be able to leave the antidepressants.

i have done a saliva test that is being and please help me with the results wiht are attched . There is a report with it but i am DHEA elevated response. IS this adreanl fatigue or it is the step before. Cna someone explained a bit. the B12 i had it done recently in the NHS. Are those valid or i have to do the Active B12 Test i the private. I am ging to supplemtn this with somthing it was recommended here.

My results are 378ng/l(180-900). I have bought B12 , methyl B12.5000mcg.

The next one i have got is the vitamin D from the place recomended here. The test come back as Insufficiency: I have bought 5000iu vitamin d3 to start taken them

Total Vitamin D :48.7nmol/L

25-hydroxyvitaminD3:44.7 nmol/l

25-hydroxyvitaminD2:4.0 nmol/L

Here are my results:

I am under the care of Dr skinner but i feel worse then when i was on the antidepressants.He took me off as it was increasing the dosage and he does not think i am taken too much. i have test for tsh. ft4 and ft3 everytime my dosage is increased as requested by him.

Here are the results for 25mg when:(19.8.11)

Antibodys TGI =100.2 (0-4.11)


FT4=18.2 (12-22)

FT3=4.9 (3.9-6.7)

I went up 50mg and 75mg did another blodd test:(27.9.12) wen to see doctor s july 2012. this test is not valid as i had the medication before. all this time still on citalopram


FT4=23.8 (12-22)


I went up 100mg (10.12.12)


FT4=17.7 (12-22)

I went up to 125mg. (25.02.13)

TSH=0.03 (0.27-4-20)


FT3=4.8 (3.9-6.7)

I want to see another endo . probable doctor S B in lemintghon spa i need someone to take this into account as i believe doctor skinner does not believe in adrenal fatigue.

could i be having too much thryroxine . i feel shaky .

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Hi Anuska,

What was your total cortisol level, did the lab say it was low?

I have low cortisol and I am jittery and my hands shake sometimes. I saw Dr Skinner a couple of days ago and I'm not overmedicated. Can only put those symptoms down to adrenal insufficiency.

Like you say Dr Skinner doesn't say much about the adrenal stress test, I don't think he believes that low cortisol is a problem. He told me all the saliva tests he's seen all have the same results!

I think what you can do to help yourself is maybe introduce some Armour so you get a bit of T3 going on. I am starting to see the benefit now after several months. Every morning I make sure in the shower I have quite hot water going over my adrenals, I am eating more eggs for breakfast as I don't eat much protein, I have largely cut out sugar as this really stresses your body, trying to get more rest/sleep, and I take 1000mcg of no acid Vit C. I am defintely less shaky since I have been doing this.


Can you see the picture i attached. Total cortisol level are 38.2 in range.

The report seays Adrenal stress stage: Elevated DHEA response.

thanks for your help . i want to see and endo.


Hi Anuska, my total cortisol is only 15.3 so i'm really worried. I don't know anything about dhea, so sorry i couldn't help. I honestly think with all this you have to really read up on stuff and try and help yourself as much as possible. I'm largely self medicating.

Good luck with everything. X


I am reading a lot. i think you are right you have to read read and read. i hope you get on well with medication.


Hi, I've just had my results from Genova diagnostics on the cortisol and DHEA and underneath on p2&3 there is some further information. Do you have this? If so, it may help others to see the summary. I also don't understand it but am going to take it along to my next meeting with the private dr to see what he suggests as my results are low.

I'm sure Dr Skinner will be able to help you. With autoimmune UAT your thyroid gradually reduces its output and then you have to gradually increase the Levo. It is a bit of trial and error and in my case, I believe the medicine was always too low.

It looks to me as I'd your vit D is too low, so that would be worth supplementing. In addition, it appears from my reading that UAT do not seem to absorb all vits and minerals properly so that a good supplement is useful. Ones that can be tested for and. are mentioned regularly on this forum are vit B12, folates and ferritin. Over the counter ones aren't really high enough dosed, but you can buy some and then compare with ones on line. I don't think I can suggest websites?

Good luck with finding answers.



He told me that too (i.e. all saliva tests come back with the same result). It's just not true. I've had several tests and the results have all been different. It's noticeable that they are improving as I continue to treat my adrenals.

It has certainly been my experience that attempting to treat the thyroid when the adrenals are struggling is a complete waste of time.


Hi Sue, i was hoping from dr Skinner that he would acknowledge my thyroid meds haven't been working too well so far. In fact the secretary handed me the results back to take home. I insisted they were a copy for my file. I wanted answers and what to do next.

Have your adrenals been improving? What is working for you Sue? Xx


I'm far from being there yet Helcaster, and you must remember that we all react differently, but having felt so bad on every type and combination of thyroid medication known to man I finally left them all off and felt no worse.

I was diagnosed 5 years ago with sub-acute (not Hashimotos) thyroiditis, and I understand that with this type the thyroid can recover some if not all of its function, and I believe this is what is gradually happening in my case.

Having left off all medication I then started from scratch getting my B12, ferritin, D, folates and zinc tested - of course they were all low, so I started supplementing and began to feel somewhat better, though I knew my adrenals were still a problem so I've also started seeing a doctor in Brighton who specialises in thyroid/adrenals.

I haven't posted anything about her yet as I've only been seeing her for a short while so am not in a position to judge whether her methods work. She has warned me that it will be a long process.

If you would like her details do PM me.


Reply Follow this link for help in interpreting your lab results. Your B12 looks low in the range, studies show it should be at least 500 and those with hypo thyroid are mostly optimal around 800. Methyl is best, preferably sublingual. VitD 50-80 is optimal. I can't comment on 24hr saliva as I'm awaiting my own results but the link gives you an indication of where they should be, if they are back to front (i.e. low a.m./high p.m.) indicates adrenal dysfunction. Thyroid levels are very hard to get optimal or keep stable if you have all these underlying issues going on. It is important to get these right first.


hi nicola. thank yoy for you answer. i have gotthe book. i just havent got to thay chapter. it says that i dong habe adrenal fatigue but high cortidol is not good. i have to see a dr realky. going to try to gey a letter of referral to see an endo yhat has neen recommended.


Have you seen this?

I think basic cortisol is to start high in the morning and end up lower by evening but your total cortisol should fall in the range given.


The endo in L. Spa does not accept adrenal saliva test.




The standard. Endo tests eg ACTH, morning cortisol etc


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