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Help with blood test results

Have at last got the results of my last blood test from the GP.  Would anyone comment on how well I'm doing?  On 2 grain Nature-Throid.  Had gone up to 2 1/4 but racing heart made me reduce back to 2 grains.  Because, at the time, I was on Armour, the lab did fT4 and fT3 - amazing!

TSH <0.05 miu/l (0.2 - 5.5)

fT4 16.3 pmol/L (10.0 - 24.5)

fT3 4.8 pmol/L (3.9 - 6.7)

Many thanks

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Well they dont look that bad......    You have room to increase, but if it gives you a racing heart and makes you feel bad then probably not a good idea.      How are you feeling?      

Stuff that can cause racing heart ....  Like low adrenals and high blood sugars....   Suppose you've checked them out?      

Xx g


Hi galathea, thanks for your reply.  I'm trying to address low adrenals and fluctuating blood sugar levels working with the Naturopath and am trying the Adrenal Reset Diet.  To be honest neither Armour not NatureThroid seem to have made any difference to how I feel - but I do have M.E. so that's probably why!


Well it sounds like you are on the right path......  Sort of....    I have just had a massive shift in my bloodsugars......  They were often high and  apart from virtually mo carbs, nothing seemed to work......    A couple of oatcakes or slice of bread meant  sugars off the scale for a day or so.......   Metformin just made me feel sick....    I bought a bllod sugar meter and started monitoring before and after each meal....  It turned out that the starches were the ones to give me a racing heart and higher readings.     Further research showed that starches are processed by the gut flora.....       I decided to repopulate mine with a months worth of VSL 3.  Pro biotics.....     A month on and am taking pro biotics every 3 days now.    And for the last two weeks bs readings have all been on target....  No massive spikes...  Despite eating a chinese  take away, som bread and a coupke of cakes.  ( not all at one sitting!).   The only thing i cant fathom is why i have lumped weight on....  Hoping its temporary..

How is your gut health?  Ever taken antibiotics and messed it up?   

Worth a try?    



Well done with sorting out the blood sugar.  I havnt taken antibiotics for years and have been working on gut health for a while now and it seems to be improving a bit.


Agree you have some room to increase and your body is telling you it's not too happy with the extra. You could try dropping the extra to every other day and see if that helps or it may be that your body isn't ready for it yet. 

I started NDT last July and got up to 3 but realised I'd felt better on the way up! So I dropped back and settled on 2 grains. 

I then had a new hip in January and the pain killers made me continually sick. I went downhill fast as I wasn't getting enough of my medication and after 4 weeks from when the sickness stopped I wasn't really feeling any better so I upped by a quarter and my temps stabilised and I started improving. I was fully expecting to eventually have to lower my dose to what it had been but kept it to my blood test before I next see the Endo. Not got the results yet but feeling ok on it so results will be interesting I'm sure! 

My first blood test after I started NDT my FT3 was the lowest it had ever been! 4 but can't remember the ranges now but yet I was feeling good on it, more energy! Endo sent me a letter saying just in range but yet not been able to tolerate a higher dose so may be adrenals not spot on. I did also read recently that something similar had happened to someone else and explained it by the NDT had allowed the adrenals to recover a little so hoping that has happened to me and I can stay on this level! I did have a few days of wondering that now I was getting over the op I needed to drop down again but as I'd only a bout 10 days to wait for the blood test I decided to try and stay with it just to see what was actually happening. As soon as I made that decision I've felt fine so looking forward to picking up results next week! 

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