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City Assays - Vitamin D Testing results and some other questions

Hello everyone

i have posted a few questions here but i still havent feel like telling my story . i will right it in a blog. I was diagnosed after severe joint paint in my shoulders back and legs that was unbeareable, i felt cold and tired, i new something was on as i always been vey active. The only diagnosis was depression in 2010 in spain as i had to go back to my family t be looked after. I always checked my thyroid as my sister has hashimotos and my mum as well but her story is following years of depression. There was nothing no presense of antibodys (TPO) or TGI until august 2011 when i had TPO normal and TGI 100'2 UI7ml (0-4.11).

I was put on a trial of 25 thryroine and diagnose with initial autoinmune thyroditis but i was already on antidepressants. I tried to give them up twice but i feel terrible.I went to see DR skinner who increased my thryroxine and decreased my antidepressants. two months after finishing them i started to feel pain and depressed as i was decreasing them i feel myslef following into the no motivation and antisocial corner.

A week ago i had to decide to be back on the citalopram i am currency on 15mg to be revised i used to be very well on them when i was on 30mg. it helped me with the pain i hardly noticed it and fell well but never 100 %. i was doing my normal live and sometimes i even went back to dancing. I used to dance.

AT the moment i am on 100 of thyroxine and i dont know if i am having too much or not,

I have decided to take the matters and investigate why i started to feel like this when i was a very healthy person and i dont seem to be able to leave the antidepressants.

i have done a saliva test that is being posted tomorrow. the B12 i had it done recently in the NHS. Are those valid or i have to do the Active B12 Test i the private.

My results are 378ng/l(180-900). I have bought B12 , methyl B12.5000mcg. Can someone tell me how much i should have and when to take the supplement. i take my levo at night.

The next one i have got is the vitamin D from the place recomended here. The test come back as Insufficiency:

Total Vitamin D :48.7nmol/L

25-hydroxyvitaminD3:44.7 nmol/l

25-hydroxyvitaminD2:4.0 nmol/L

the flyeer says that to be adequate it has to be over 50. Can anyone tell me how i can suplement this.

i dont know what to do in terms if going forward with my research. i dont know if i have antibodys now.should they be test it. or if i have a conversion problem.

also it is say that fo people with autoinmune thyroiditis is not good armour as the thyroid things is your thyroid and start attacking it. i dont know if i benefit friom T3. but with the antidepressants i dont know what do , i am inly 34 and i will like to get this sorted.

any help comments will be lovely



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Anuska, I can only really answer the Vit D question,

supplementing has really helped my joint pain/ muscle ache/spaz - I was 40 nmol/L last March and now 103 - and it's great to be without pain (I hope it continues!). I'm not on Thyroid meds or anything else so I know it was only that that helped me (avoided bilateral carpal and cupital tunnel surgery too)

GP wouldn't treat and just said go to boots - but seriously low dose pills didn't cut it - unless you can get half an hour sunshine at midday each day or a ton of oily fish - unlikely in UK! (10 cod liver oil tabs =1 drop of 1000iu - without the Vit A which you'll prob get through diet anyway) I took 4000iu daily biocare drops (my daughter was deficient at 20 something and found the drops worked better) keep getting tested every 6 months and you should have a calcium test too (don't know why GPs sometimes give it with calcium as everything I've read says not to) you will find docs aren't bothered about this despite being written to by the chief medical officers for Scotland, Wales, England.....(no financial incentive) and there's not that much research as who's going to pay for it? J :D

(Hoping knowledgeable others will comment on your other questions)


hi spareribs.thank the test say no to go above certain amount or you can get toxic.where did you get your pills from?. yes i will get tested in anothrr six months.can you send me exactly the nama. does it matter if it is d3 or d3.



Toxicity is only reported over 200 (actually it's more than 200 really, mostly side-effects -usually rare and only when folks have high doses or injections of 10,000iu plus daily for too long). Sadly It's not researched much as no-one will pay for research on a 'vitamin'.

My GP wouldn't prescribe and said go to boots - I got pills from Holland and Barrat but then found drops better - there are several reasonable sources, mine is only one - I go to bodykind, - bioMusion D3 1000iu drops (£8+ for 3 months supply).

Dosage - One calculation is down from 80 (optimal) - so 80-48 is 30 ish (3000iu daily - so 3 drops if you are not already getting it in a multivit form or sunshine or oily fish - otherwise add all daily sources of vit D together). I boosted mine up with 4000iu daily then just tailed it down to a maintenance dose (2000iu at the mo) I take mine in a little milk, and have lessened the dose as I have been out in the sun! (only 20 mins at a time, no chemical sun-cream - cool down with water if necessary then Aloe Vera before bed=tan not burnt - that works for me and my family anyway!) J x


that is excellent info spareribs. yes i ve beenin the sun today and git my vitamin d . yes aloe vera is fantastic for a lot of thingd. thanks i appreciatte the info.



Hi I agree , dangerous practice by some doc, to automatically give both. It was a ruling by NiCE a few years ago. They have to make a good case for giving D with out the calcium.

Best wishes,



Hi A few things spring to mind, quite possible you need some T3 on a script in addition to T4. You need 3 tests urgently, TSH, T4 and Free T3. This together with how you feel is the best guide. I was overdosed by a private doctor, long ago, it made me very ill., Symptoms of hypo and hyper can sometimes be identical. If the D is low, this is common with thyroid as D is a hormone. Ideally should be looked after by Endo, or see your GP. If low you must always have a test for corrected calcium., before treatment ( it puts the Ca up) and then both retested after 3 months. Then if stable once to twice a year.

Best wishes,



hi jackie. i have all the test done everytime i increased my t4 as they were askwd by dr s in birmham.i post then in a bit.thanks


hi jackie i have my test everytime i increased t4 in my gp . dr skinner needs then for monitoring. does not seem to be concerned about t4 dosage.i post all the results in a bit thanks.


Hi jackie:

thanks ou for your answer. I am under the care of Dr skinner but i feel worse then when i was on the antidepressants.He took me off as it was increasing the dosage and he does not think i am taken too much. i have test for tsh. ft4 and ft3 everytime my dosage is increased as requested by him.

Here are the results for 25mg when:(19.8.11)

Antibodys TGI =100.2 (0-4.11)


FT4=18.2 (12-22)

FT3=4.9 (3.9-6.7)

I went up 50mg and 75mg did another blodd test:(27.9.12) wen to see doctor s july 2012. this test is not valid as i had the medication before.


FT4=23.8 (12-22)


I went up 100mg (10.12.12)


FT4=17.7 (12-22)

I went up to 125mg. (25.02.13)

TSH=0.03 (0.27-4-20)


FT3=4.8 (3.9-6.7)

for some reason i started to feel anxious and i thought i was the thyroxine and i decreased and i was giving back headaches but i dont know if that is becuase i was having too much. results. i am back into the antidepressants as i started to feel join pain again.

Dr s. tried to prescribed armour i tried two days but the anxiety was so bad that i decided to drop it i felt depressed as well and fearful and i had pain. i dont know what to do next really.

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HI I have just spent 40mins typing and lost it. I hope I can reproduce it. First, I only found your e mail by chance, you need to click on "Reply to This" under the post, then it goes direct to me or whoever.. I am not an expert but have had HYpo many , many years, more recently mine is termed Hashimotos, there was no name before.I also see a wonderful Endo.A lot of people need the FT3 to be near the top of the range. I would suggest that you need a little less Levo ( T4) and some T3 also. T3 should be started very slowly , perhaps every other day. Always split into half a dose am and the other half about 12 hours later. Retests 4 weeks after the full dose.Thyroid does take ages to get right and anxiety often a symptoms.I hope you only went off the antidepressents very , very slowly. Most drugs etc obvious exceptions should be started and stopped very gradually, for less side effects. Armour, or Erfa, slightly different, do contain T4 and T3 but are normally only on a private script., and cardiologist hate them! Prefered option with most Endo`s is T4, then add T3. All T3 slightly depresses the TSH. Yours can allow for that but GP may be reluctant to.It often takes a year or more for thyroid to be stable, even then lots of things upset it eg stress. An Endo always tests for the other hormonal. autoimmune diseases, usually first visit and often other relevant things too. they are vit D ( before treatment ( corrected calcium), B12 and Foliates, Glucose, Iron/Ferritin. Mostly similar symptoms to thyroid disease.

If you should ever decide to see an Endo, do your own research ie not GP`s choice. NHS or private drugs always NHS and if private and ask tests done via GP ie NHS

I do not think that was as detailed as lost reply!!

Any thing else do get back to me. try not to worry, you will get there , with the right treatment for you. Above all tests are not everything and how you feel also important.

Best wishes,



Hi Jackie

While the site is playing up, it would be a good idea to copy any long posts before you press 'Reply'. :)

I tend to do it anyway! ;) It will just hold it in your 'clipboard', until you paste it.

Hope this helps!




Hi Louise,

Great minds! After 4 attempts I did this. I thought it was me as some were getting through. Any way "All`s well that ends well."

Many thanks,

Jackie x


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