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Can i take armour with this results? please help


before all this hypothryrodism i was a very sociable happy an fit person who used to dance and never have a dull moment.

I was diagnosed with hyporthyrodism a year a half ago they put me o 30 citalopram 1mcg of lorazepan and 25 of thryroxine in spain. in england i have been under the care of dr skinner for a years and i have giving up the lorazepan first. as he was increasing my thryroxine i was reducing the citalopram with back pain and joint pain coming back little by little.

i have been on 125 thryroxine for two months which is the same time as i have been with not citalopram. i have notice since i have been cutting it down i have become my old self. unsociable and achy. My tireness has improved a bit but i have not much motivation.

I went and saw dr skinner tlast time last week as he had told me to decreased the dosage as i was having headaches ad fell anxiuos.

i stopped the dosage for two days and went on 75 i crashed a couple of days ago and felt really cold and join pain.

i am now on 100 to try for a week and see how i feel but i had to take a lorazepan last night to sleep because i could not sleep at all. bu i still cold and not myself.

i was wondering if maybe there i another alternatives to T4 eve if you have problem converting.

Another question have somene been having antidepressant with thyroid problem and to be honest i felt much better on them.

my results are 125mgc


ft4 20.3 pmol/L


please help!!!


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Hi anuska - sorry you aren't feeling great at the moment. Do you have the ranges (figures in brackets) to go with these results please, as they can vary a lot by lab? A conversion problem could be incidated if you have high in range fT4 and low in range fT3.

My lab has the ranges of 12-22 for fT4 and 3.1-6.8 for fT3. If your lab ranges are the same or very similar then your fT3 is quite close to the top of the range but your fT3 is below mid-range. I think that this may indicate that you may have a conversion (assuming same ranges), and then the addtion of some T3 or a change to an NDT such as Armour or Efra would be a good idea.

It is good that you are seeing Dr S as he will prescribe both of these :)

I was on thyroxine with similar results to you and felt very unwell. I am now on Armour and have a fT4 of about 16 and fT3 of 5.8 and am feeling really well :)

It would be good to see your ranges though. xxx


Thank you Clarebear for your prompt answer.

My labs are done in the NHS the last ones i provided were done when i was in 125mg without taken the medication first.

The lab ranges where (12-22) for FT4 and (3.9-6.7) for FT3.

i dont understand is what i am going trought is the adjustment of giving up the citalopram or what but i had been crying a bit and feeling low as well.

i dont know if you can actually have armour if you dont have a conversion problem dr skinner has not mention it and i dont know if he wants to try to work with levothyroxine only to see how i do.


i dont know if what i am going trought is and effec of the fact that i gave the antidepressant two months ago or the fact that i have decreased the thyroxine from 125 to 75 fo two weeks.

i have anxiety and feel a bit teary all the time and feel like if i had the flu.

i know it has been two months since i stopped the citalopram but i feel cold and anxious and it is so confusing to me to understad what is going on with my body.

has someone taken antidepressants while on thryroid medication?


Hi Anuska - it does look like you have a conversion problem, as your fT3 is even lower in range than I thought, as you lab range is from 3.9-6.7, mine is 3.1-6.8. I would ask Dr Skinner for some Armour/Erfa or T3 to add to your thyroxine, I know he does prescribe these. If you are getting them on a private prescription then I think Armour/Erfa will be cheaper than T3, if that is of any interest.

I'm afraid I don't know much about antidepressants, as I have never taken them, but to me your symptoms sound like your thryoid. I had anxiety and feeling like I had the flu - all better now that I am on Armour :)

Hopefully someone else will be able to answer your questions about taking antidepressants whilst on thyroid medication. If no one does, then I think it would be worth posting it as a separate question.

Clare xx


Clare - see response below... :-)




hello clarebear

how can i actually confirm that i have a conversion problem.? i have to call dr skinner on friday i will speak to him about it.

thanks again i will keep posting and i will add another question.

does dr skinner give you armour if you want without any problems. i thought he will be able to see if i have a conversion problem or not. my temperature was ok but still in the cold sight and my heart was ok. i have joint and muscle pain all the time still.


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can you actuallu get armour without presciption?


You can, but this is not something that Thyroid UK recommends.




i know well i need to see what is going on ibut i am seriourly thinkg in coming back to have antidepressants and i dont want to but i can not go on working like this.

if i had a conversion problem will the antidepressants help?


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