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Help with test result please

Hi all

I am having all sorts of problems with endocrinologists, I wonder if anyone can help with the interpretation of my latest test results please.

As far as I can make out the ref ranges used by my lab are:


0.30 - 5.50


3.9 - 6.8


12 - 22

I was persuaded to give up my thyroxine last year with awful results, I restarted it this year.

Last year when off all thyroid meds my results were

TSH 5.82

FT3 4.1

FT4 11.7

I restarted thyroxine and my test results in August were:

TSH 0.02

FT3 7.6

FT4 22.3

My results as of 19th November are:

TSH 0.02

FT3 4.8

FT4 19

I am taking 100 Levo and one grain Nature Throid on one day and an extra half grain on the second.

My current endocrinologist has all but washed her hands of me so I would really appreciate some advice re these results.

Thanks for reading.

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Anyone got an opinion?


Hi how are you feeling . if you are alright I wouldn't worry too much about the blood results. The doctors go by the blood far too much and often don't ask or care how you are feeling. take cre.

Jo xx


Thanks Jo, not so good at the moment but think my hormones are out of balance, doesn't feel as if it's the thyroid but who knows. At a bit f a loss at the mo.





You could try posting this again as a new question. :-)

If you have the ranges too, it will really help people to offer support.




Thanks Louise, I posted the ranges the lab use at the top of the post. As a long term life-long sufferer I'd really love another take on the results.


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