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Dangers of Untreated hashimotos Disease

Hi All, This is my blog which I posted on thyroid uk to warn everyone about the hidden dangers of untreated hashimotos and throid diseases. Just wanted to share it.

Dangers of Untreated Hashimotos Disease

It is common Knowledge that Hashimotos Thyroiditis is an autoimmune thyroid disorder. It is generally understood by our Gp's and the endocrinologists who treat (or don't treat) this condition that if a patiant has a diagnosis of Hashimotos, it is very possible there could also be other autoimmune conditions presenting at the same time.

A person with diagnosed hashimoto's, would be showing positive for raised antibodies in any blood tests they had done. However, being a thyroid condition, blood tests which were designed in the 70's using healthy participants, are also routinely carried out to measure how the thyroid functions. Patients would be tested for TSH, Free T4, T3 (if very lucky) reversed T3. Your Gp would also ask for a full blood panel consisting of tests for liver function, diabetes, anaemia, vitamins B, C, D, and adrenal function.

A person with a diagnosis of hashimotos would present with almost all the symptoms of a person with Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) below are just a few.

fatigue, exhaustion

feeling run down and sluggish


difficulty concentrating, brain fog

unexplained or excessive weight gain

dry, coarse and/or itchy skin

dry, coarse and/or thinning hair

feeling cold, especially in the extremities


muscle cramps

increased menstrual flow

more frequent periods


They may even have other less common symptoms, or even a combination of hyper and hypothyroid symptoms.

A patient suffering from hashimotos disease, and in most cases hypothyroidism will have discovered that there are "Three Magic Words"; these are WITHIN NORMAL RANGE.

This is refering the fact that most hashimotos sufferers and notwithstanding hypothyroid, usually have test results that state their thyroid hormones are within the normal range. This is a catch 22 situation where Gp's and consulltants rely solely on the results of standard blood tests, rather than treat the whole person; based on the symptoms they are suffering; . A person with hashimotos definitely has a less than average life quality. It is because of these out dated tests that hashimotos disease and unfortunately hypothyroidism often goes untreated and other alarmingly life threatening complications can and do appear.

There are so many unfortunate individuals out there who are suffering needlessly because doctors and consultants put their faith in out dated testing rather than their own clinical knowledge and refuse to treat these conditions.

I am a hashimotos sufferer and like many thousands it has taken a very long time to get a diagnosis. In my case it has been 18 years. I finally got an appointment to see an endocrinologist on the 23rd of March 2012. He examined me, asked about family history of thyroid disease, asked me what symptoms I have. I gave him a written letter explaining everything to him including very strong family history, symptoms and how this illness was affecting my life. He looked at it and arranged some blood tests and a 24 hour urine test. I had the blood test done on the following Monday which was the 26th. I was so unwell at my appointment and afterwards at home that Tuesday 27th, I had to go to see my GP.

The reality of other serious complications.

I did not see my normal gp, I saw a locum. I explained to him about my hashimotos, but also about these new/ different symptoms that had come on out of the blue....in hindsight I think I was unwell for around 4 weeks prior to my endo appointment; and when I say unwell I am referring to these new symptoms that had started. These symptoms were excessive thirst, extreme joint pain, no appetite, pain in upper right abdomen, extreme fatigue; worse than the normal with hashimotos, yellowing of my eyes, very bad jaundice, nausia and vomiting. He wanted some blood tests done, but I informed him I had some done the day before which were ordered by the endocrinologist. He took a urine sample and contacted the pathology department at the hospital for my results. He found that my antibodies were in the thousands and my liver function tests were very abnormal. I was sent directly from my Gp surgery into hospital 4 days after finally getting an endo appointment.

I am writing this to get a very important message out there not only as a warning to those suffering from hashimotos disease, but also as a request to Gp's and endocrinologists to listen to their patients more because there are thousands out there who are not listened to, and as a result, they do not get the treatment they need. I have spent the past 17 days in hospital and after many different tests, a stint surgically fitted into my bile duct to ease the jaundice, intravienous antibiotics and other tests it has been decided that I have Autoimmune Hepatitis which is a secondary but very serious complication of untreated hashimotos disease. My antibodies are in the thousands and have suddenly decided they do not like my liver. I have never felt so debilitated in my entire life, and am now taking steroids and immunosupressant tablets probably for the rest of my life; not forgetting that if utreated my condition can lead to complete liver failure and there is also the possibility I may have to have a liver transplant. Unfortunately as with many ilnesses, I expect that even though I am disabled, I will not be able to get any help from anywhere.

I am pleading to everyone on thyroid uk as much as world wide to ensure that you have regular testing for liver function; especially your Bilirubin levels; alongside your regular thyroid function tests and please go see your Gp if you have a sudden onset of symptoms especially any that I have included below.

Autoimmune hepatitis is a disease in which the body's immune system attacks liver cells. This causes the liver to become inflamed (hepatitis simply means inflammation of the liver).

Autoimmune hepatitis Symptoms


Excessive tiredness

Not feeling very hungry

Nausea or vomiting


Low-grade fever

Muscle pain

Joint pain

Sore Throat

Mild stomach pain (or abdominal pain).

Jaundice (yellowing of the skin or the whites of the eyes) may also occur along with:

Dark urine

Abdominal pain (or stomach pain) on the right side

Light-colored stool




A lack of menstrual bleeding.

I also have since been informed that I have Primary Biliary Cirrhosis as well. Symptoms of these three diseases are similar in many ways and on each day I have no idea which is to blame. Singularly these conditions are debilitating in every sense of the word, but combined life quality goes out the window. I feel I have no control over my own body, and I get more bad days than good. I am informed by my Gp that having these is a bit of bad luck (his exact words) And that I will have to learn to live with them.

PBC Symptoms:

Itchy Skin

Extreme Fatigue

Muscle waste and weakness

Joint Pain (Arthralgia)

Pain in upper right abdomen

Sleep issues

Poor Appetite


Itchy Ears

Dry Skin


Plus many, many more.

It is very important that people are aware of the less than usual complications of untreated hashimotos disease..please read my blog and help others with it.

I will post more as I find out about this condition and how it affects my life as well as any self help methods I find.

As each day passes I notice other symptoms coming into play, but I am in acceptance of these conditions now and am trying to get my life back.

Bets Wishes


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Hi conniefused. I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid in 2005 and I currently take levothyrozine (only 25mg - my sister takes 150mg). I also have AIH/PBC overlap syndrome and like you I am on steroids (first prednisolone and now Budenofalk due to side effect from prednisolone). (Btw you can only go on Budenfalk if you do not have cirrhosis). I am also on an autoimmune supressants (Azathioprine - was 150mg but had to drop to 100mg as WBC too low - went up a bit but is now lower than ever - waiting on consultant phoning me back). I am being weaned off the Budenofalk and hope to be off them in 4 weeks time (as long as they can control my white blood count).

You mention being on Aza for life. My consultant is hoping to stablalise me for a couple of years and then to tray to take me off Aza and see if I remain in remison (apparantly around 30% of patients do - I hope I am one of them).

Very informative article above. Thank you for doing that. I have never heard of Hashimotos. I know what you mean about the AIH though because my consultant told me that if I had gone undiagnosed I would have been dead in 3-4 years time. Scary - I am only 47 yrs young. The other thing I will say regarding your lack of appetite, I am the opposite. One of the frustrating things about AIH and PBC, there are never two cases the same! No text book answers.......

Hope all goes well in your treatment plan and I hope that mine is only a wee bump in the road and sorts itself out. Take care. x


Thanks for posting all this information about Hashimotos Disease. Very interesting!


Hi Conniefused -

Wow! what a piece of work and so very informative. Thank you for posting.

I am trying to ignore some of it but as I'm sure you know, once you have an AutoImmune disease, you seem to collect more. -:( I also am AIH/PBC overlap and I - don't - want - any - more!! LOL I was/am AMA neg. but ANA pos. as I have mentioned in other posts. It makes me think of the saying "Are we having

fun, yet?" Sheeesh!!! ga

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I hope that you don't mind. I copied this onto my wordpad so that I could make a copy for my Drs. Please let me know if you have a problem with my doing that and I will delete it - ga


No probs...only want to helpxx

My Gp said to me that it was a rare combination..I just told him to go do research lol



Yey!! You go, girl!! -:)


Hi hashimotos thyroiditis is the autoimmune type of thyroid illness. It is called hashimotos disease after the japanese doctor who discovered it. It acts like underactive thyroid, but is also related to antibodies. With hashimotos your antibodies would be raised.

It is common that if a person has one autoimmune condition , there would be others present also. There is also a link between several autoimmune conditions and AIH/PBC, and autoimmune thyroiditis or hashimotos disease is one of them.


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I have had my thyroid checked twice this year. The first time it was up a bit and the second was told it was ok.

Just wondering whether auto immune thyroid problems would show up in a normal thyroid test or whether the test for hashimotos would be looking for something else?


hi. i have hatchimotos disease. my endo cant figure out why ive gained 30lbs of water weight in a week and holding. my tsh is 24 and my count is in the thousands. i take synthroid but isnt working. ecocardiogram came back unreadable. i go for a muga scan of my heart next week..have u heard of this? thank you.


I just had a thyroidectomy done and found out I had Washington disease. But what caught my eye is your weight gain. I am on diet so watching weight and weighted myself before hospital and in 2 days gained 20lbs. I was floored, have you lost yours? How long did it take?


Hi zipitydoo,

Did you just have the standard T4, TFT, TSH, test done? To find out if you have hashimotos disease when you have your thyroid test done, your Gp should test for antibodies. In hashimotos antibodies attack your thyroid gland as they do in PBC and AIH...and would be raised. Next time you get tested also ask for your antibodies and your T3 and reversed T3 to be tested.



I am only 15 and i already have untreated autoimmune hashimotos plus adrenal insufficiency.. I feel worse as the days go by and I literally drag myself through them. I wish I was healthy. I'm young and can't have fun without feeling sick all the time.. Reading this scares me.

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I'm writing a publication about Hashimoto's. It's a personal project. May I use your story in my book? Thanks


Really helpful thanks. I have had Hashimoto's for years, diagnosed 13 years ago now. I also have Reynaud's (primary) as do my children) and we have other AI diseases. I am on 100mcg Thyroxine which ticks all the boxes for my T4 and TSH results, but I haven't felt well for so long now. Tired, joint pain, dark urine, andioedema and urticaria... seen dermatology and allergy about that last two but no one seems to know. I have slightly low Complement C3 levels too..... Not many people realise there are so many other tests that can be done to ensure they are "covering all bases" with thyroid disease and autoimmune disease. Great post.



Thank you for sharing your life experience with others. This article is very helpful for me. I was diagnosed with the syndrome but my tyroid is still working fine, although I have all of the symptoms and terrible abdominal pain every day.

Could you also add how did you treat it? Is there anything that helps? I have been reading about gluten free diets, Selenium capsules, etc.

Thank you!


Hashimotos Antibodies do not attack the Liver, only the Thyroid. Your symptoms, were definately Liver..the yellow eyes, thirst etc..that is not typical of Hashi's. I would suggest looking at alternative methods to determine why you have developed autoimmune disease in the first place.

I hope you have gotten better and gotten the help that you need,


Hi I had the hashimotos a very long time before the AIH/PBC diagnosis...I was finally diagnosed in jan 2012 with hashis after 25 years of suffering; and then March 2012 with the AIh/PBC overlap. If you research the relationship between autoimmune thyroid disease and autoimmune liver disease you will see that they are linked as is the case, and we all know that if you have one autoimmune disease, it's very possible you could get more. I was very surprised when my herbalist explained the link.

I finally went to see my consultant two weeks ago; and we have decided to attempt lowering the prednisolone and hopefully coming off them for good. OI know there is the slightests possibility that it may not be possible, but we are giving it a try. It will be done gradually over the next 6 months, but I have been told that I may have to find the lowest possible maintainance dose depending if my liver will allow it lol.

Today am having a bad day with runs, but this happens to me a lot due to the overlap, nothing else wrong recently had colonoscopy done and everything is fine. And next Tuesday I have to go for a bone scan because of the three years I have been on the steroids....so lets hope everything is alright there. I also have to have my clotting tested because had a really funny do in Feb.

Take Care xx


Thank you for this. I am trying to start a conversation about the doctors not listening as well. Your post was very helpful.


I have hypothyroid and Hashimoto's thyroiditis and my AnA came back positive for lupus I can't think of the other one but it's one that causes blood clotting I'm very scared I've been through a whole lot I almost lost my life 6 years ago do to my thyroid levels getting high and never was checked for Hashimoto's back there I just got tested from a really good doctor which is an osteopathic back in October and was diagnosed with Hashimoto's than two months ago he did antibiotics and a bunch of other tests at 12 blood test to see all what autoimmune diseases I have on top of everything else I am post menopause but still have menopause symptoms that are really hard I have head tremors started back in October 2015 this is been very hard on me because I've had thyroid problems for many many many years and never had any problems until a doctor told me that I can stop taking my thyroid medicine and it ended up almost killing me cuz when they put me back on thyroid medicine it was way too much for me I feel for anybody that has Hashimoto's thyroiditis but it's a real long hard Road my Hashimoto's levels are at 0.72 so they're not too high but they still have made feel really sick some days my TSH is 1.65 T4 is 1.61 I have been having for the past year I've had my blood checked every 3 to 4 weeks and I've had to change my medication 5 different times 2 different brands I'm finally back on Levothyroxine so I'm watching Everybody well then whatever your autoimmune diseases they have that's come along with her Hashimoto's God bless everyone and take care of yourself I don't do gluten dairy soy and I try to stay away from grains ain't nothing but fruits vegetables and meat and do bone broth I just started doing that past 3 months


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