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If you have PBC, you are at higher risk for Celiac Disease

I have recently been diagnosed with Celiac's Disease which is another autoimmune disorder affecting the small intestine, liver and other body systems.

Apparently, those with PBC are at higher risk of developing Celiac disease and some authorities say that those diagnosed with PBC should also get tested for Celiac Disease.

As it turns out, some of the symptoms which I had been attributing to PBC have now disappeared since I've been gluten-free such as digestive issues, and frequent rashes. My persistent anemia will take longer to resolve, but eventually it too, should go away. My aim is to make anyone else out there with similar symptoms aware that there is a proven link between PBC and Celiac Disease, so they can be properly diagnosed and treated if necessary. I wish I had learned about this 12 years ago!

Here's a good paper on the subject:


[quote]Reciprocal screening for both diseases is recommended, as an early diagnosis with the appropriate treatment can improve the outcome of these patients.[/quote]

Some more literature:

The Role of Celiac Disease in Severity of Liver Disorders and Effect of a Gluten Free Diet on Diseases Improvement:


PBC and the gut: the villi atrophy, the plot thickens:


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Hello upintheair,

I have been preaching about the importance of ridding gluten for quite some time on this site and many have dismissed it. Look back at some of my previous posts (Hopefully they're still there). I too am convinced it is a gluten/gut issue but just today found a new article from Turkey and am starting to wonder if this is a disease like cancer due to the B Cells being affected, which I will post below. Anyway, I just had an endoscopy 10 days ago and am awaiting results. They think I have H-pylori in my stomach. Here is the article:



I've read that H pylori can be a trigger for Celiac. I'm sure I have late onset Celiac. Many of the symptoms are similar to that of PCB because it impacts the liver. Good luck. Please post back when you get your endoscopy results.


Thanks. Have you had an endoscopy?


Yes, my GI confirmed with an endoscopy and biopsy.


You are so right. There is a link as I suffer from both plus Hashimotos plus some more autoimmune diseases


If you have any autoimmune conditions you have a higher risk of developing others. Once you have a faulty immune system it remains faulty and can and often does affect other systems. I have lupus' sjrogrens, pbc and something else going on with my blood that hasn't been defined yet but thought to be probable autoimmune in nature.

All we can do is look after ourselves as well as possible and ask to be investigated for symptoms we have that don't fit with PBC.


Aren't we lucky! At any rate I am hoping that being on a GFD helps the liver picture "improve". Good luck to all of you!


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