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The PBC Foundation hosts this community to provide support and information to those affected by Primary Biliary Cholangitis - an autoimmune liver condition formerly known as Primary Biliary Cirrhosis. The PBC Foundation is the only UK organisation that specifically deals with PBC, and is the world's largest. We have registered service users in over 78 countries around the world. We lead the world in PBC in advocacy, support and in providing services such as self-management tools, of which this forum is just one. If you wish to become a registered service user with the PBC Foundation, please visit our website www.pbcfoundation.org.uk and follow the registration process or alternatively please call our office +44 131 556 6811 and we can send out our registration pack free of charge. The current benefits of membership include: ~ free interactive self-management App ~ exclusive content on website, including videos ~ quarterly magazine full of the latest PBC news, including news of upcoming trials, latest research, etc

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