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Do the group guidelines need to be updated?

If HU were to be monitored at the weekend, would you rather it be NRAS staff or members of the community that have received training?

Do you think the NRAS Health Unlocked community need to be moderated at the weekend

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If you’ve been shielding, how do you feel now about the easing of restrictions?

If you have inflammatory arthritis, pls take the following poll re: remote consultations. Only answer if you have had a remote consultation.

In the last 12 months have you experienced delays in your routine blood monitoring tests?

NRAS are currently planning our virtual events for this year. Which one of these topics would be the most beneficial to you?

How old were you when you were diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)?

Please help us by participating in the following anonymous big poll about cardiovascular risk - tick all that apply

We’d be grateful if you could participate in the following anonymous big poll about adherence to medication in RA – tick all that apply

Have you ever felt concerned about losing your job due to your RA?

Are you over 45, have RA, (female/male) and were diagnosed before you were 45? If so, please take part in this poll. Tick all that apply

If you are on biologic treatment we want to know if and how you are being possibly switched to a biosimilar. Tick all that apply.

What would you like to see as the main theme for RA Awareness Week 2017?

Which three things would matter most to you about access to a rheumatology service?

If your biologic was switched to a cheaper but equally good/safe drug to save money for NHS, what would be most important for you to know?

We’d like to know about your relationship with your GP relating to your RA Please select all that apply

Salford University are re-developing their training for podiatrists. What attributes should a podiatrist have in relation to RA footcare?

Have you ever had a holistic annual review with your rheumatology team which includes any of the following? (Please tick all that apply)

How often do you have a fasting blood test to check your cholesterol? Tick the answer which best describes your experience

If your assessment for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) included a physical examination, did this cause you any physical pain?

How often do you have your blood pressure checked?

We are trying to find out how HU Members interact with NRAS, please tick all the options that are applicable below:

“The health professionals looking after me work with each other in a co-ordinated fashion to manage my RA and other long term condition(s)."

Foot pain and foot problems are common in RA impacting on quality of life. Tick all the statements which are relevant to you.

If you've had two(+) Work Capability Assessments for ESA in the last 3 years, which of these statements best describe your experience of WCA

The UK has been enjoying a heatwave recently but does everyone enjoy this? What impact does heat have on your rheumatoid arthritis symptoms?

Carers Week is coming up and we at NRAS are curious to know how many people with RA require a carer, whether it is a family member, friend or whoever. Over the last 12 months have you needed a carer:

During the last 12-months on how many occasions have you sought out emergency care (A&E) as a result of a flare of your rheumatoid arthritis?

We’d like to understand your thoughts on access to research whether this is a fully randomised placebo controlled trial or a local clinical study. Select the option that best represents your feelings.

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