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Any post, reply, or private message that does one of the following should be reported at the earliest opportunity.

1) attempt to damage, insult, bully (or anything similar) any other member of HealthUnlocked

2) promotion of a user's business (or someone else's business) or encouraging people to visit their website.

3) individuals trying to take contact information from you

4) potential scam

5) endeavours to persuade members into doing something that could be damaging or harmful

6) member at risk of self-harm

7) under 16 years old member

8) Expressing political, religious or social comment outside its impact on your condition

What is not considered abuse

1) Disagreeing with someone's opinion/post in a respectful manner

2) Having, or expressing an opinion about a business they have found useful in the management of their condition

3) Someone asking about you (you can always say you would rather not share that information)

4) Making others aware of a scam someone has seen or have fallen for

5) Having or expressing an opinion about a therapy, natural alternative assistive device they have found useful in the management of their condition

6) all concerns for safety should be reported

7) all under 16 need to be reported

8) Expressing political, religious or social comment which does impact on your condition. EG Expressing frustration at Government decisions regarding medication access.

Please remember we all have different views and are entitled to express them in a respectful manner, but this is a site for RA, there may be another forum to express yourself in other areas of your life. Whilst I understand that RA impacts on all parts of your life, just be mindful that others may not agree.

Also remember that our members have their daily struggles with pain, fatigue, loss of mobility and all the frustration that goes with that and living with a chronic condition. This can mean their posts do not come out quite as intended, always give them the benefit of the doubt.

So before you report someone please read the whole post, trying to read what is written, rather than how you interpret it. Maybe check in with the author to get clarification.

I am in the process of writing guidelines for this community, which I will run past you before setting in stone, but the first guideline I want to introduce is this...


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My summary of the guidelines would be

Be kind

Support others

Be clear about what you are saying

Avoid medical advice, or appearing to give it

Think about all aspects of what you have written before you post, especially if you are straying into potentially difficult or controversial areas

Here endeth the summary/overview

It's always good to have an overview, isn't it?

And it's usually shorter than the full text

(which I could not entertain the notion of writing - sorry).

Hope this may provide a useful idea or two.

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brillian thanks

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