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No Smoking Day
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Hi Everone

I’m new here, have been smoking (with a few quits here and there, the longest being 6 months about six years ago!) and have tried everything - cold turkey, zyban, Champix twice!, hypnotherapy, patches, gum, lozenges, vaping - to quit. At 52, I’m about to embark on another effort.

I’ve ordered some Tabex online, and am wondering if anyone else has tried it, and how successful it was for them?

As soon as it arrives (about 9 days according to the dispatcher) I’ll be setting my date and going on from there.

So if anyone could help me, that would be awesome x

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Welcome Hygiene100 - congratulations on making the best decision of your life to stop smoking. I stopped cold turkey almost 3 years ago but have heard of tabex here before....

See link to post below - haven't heard from the member who initially posted about it since then but may be able to get some bit of advice on it. I would suggest definitely going to your doctor to run by them before taking it in case you may not be tolerant to the pills.


Keep us posted on how you are getting on :)


Found this on Tabex, from the NHS website


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Thank you so much - it looks very promising! 😁


Hi Hygiene100,

I will have to write more later sorry, because I’m rushing to get to work atm. I just quickly want to let you know that I used Tabex to stop smoking at the beginning of October last year. More laters. Ask me anything :)

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Hi again, as I wrote in my previous reply I’ve used Tabex this time around. Good experience! It’s definitely my most focused and determined stop ever!

I had tried everything as well. I got addicted to lozenges and Champix gave me extreme nightmares and made me feel very very down.


I didn’t have these side effects with Tabex!

I did become a very light sleeper at the same time tho. Not sure what caused that, the Tabex or stopping the smokes in itself 🤔

I had bought a 2 month supply, but only used them for 6 weeks.

They worked very well for me. Like Champix they made the craving manageable, but without any nasty side effects.

Let me know if you’d like more info


Good to hear from you Indigo71 - not long now until you are joining us in the Penthouse :O

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Hi RoisinO1 - Yes I will be knocking on the door in exactly 32 days! But who’s counting 😂

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Thank you so much Indigo71, just wondering, did they help / eliminate cravings? Or make them less all consuming? I’ve bought two months worth myself, lol


Oh, and has your sleeping improved?


Hi Indigo71, I’m about to start taking them tomorrow morning, having studied the sheet that came with them lol. I’m just wondering, you said you’d used them for six weeks - was that still taking the two per day after the initial month? I’m just concerned, because once I’d finished the Champix (with all the nasty side effects) i found the real cravings began then, and I could only hold out for a few weeks before I caved again. This time is it, I’m determined, but just looking for some reassurance I guess 😁


Hi Hygiene100 , I honestly just thought to myself that I must make sure to reply to you today and as I'm signing in your last message comes in :)

There is a specific dosage schedule that explains how many to take and when.

It begins with the first 3 days: take 1 tablet 6 times daily (every 2 hours) with a parallel reduction of the number of

cigarettes smoked. So you take 6 tablets a day while you also smoke 6 cigarettes less. I'll have to figure out how to attach it and I'll send it straight to you.

After the first 3 days you already start to reduce the total tablets you take in a day. So by the time I stopped using them completely I had already had about a week of taking half, one, two or even none a day.

Though I was quite scared I'm happy to say that I never got hit with super strong cravings after I stopped the Tablex.

In reply to your earlier questions; No the Tablex did not completely eliminate the cravings, but they were more like thoughts and I was ready for them because I expected them. So I acknowledged them while I'd take a deep breath. I took a lot of deep breaths in the first days & weeks lol.

I still felt like I had a void in my life (I still do a little at times), but I never experienced those all consuming strong cravings that seem to take over your mind. So definitely less demanding and as such quite manageable.

Funny enough I was almost obsessed with reading stop smoking information from about a month before my stop date to about a month in. I found that reading people's stories on here and all the info on the whyquit.com site really helped me to stay focussed on my stop.

Hey I've got to go. Sorry for the late reply.

Here's to you @hygiene100! You can do it!!

Keep us informed ok. Lots of support around here for you!


Thank you so much - hope you have a great day ☺️

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Hi Guys - thank you all so much for responding, sorry I haven’t had too much time to reply before now, my life ramped up a notch this week with my son seriously ill in hospital!

I’ve read all the info on Tabex, it seems very promising. Just waiting for them to arrive now, then let the quitting begin!


Hope your son is ok Hygiene100 - looking forward to your Day 1 post very soon :)


Thanks RoisinO1 - he came out of hospital on Tuesday, still on antibiotics (pneumonia) and his liver function is improving. He has an auto immune condition and they seem to think that played a large part in him becoming so ill...anyway, hopefully he’s properly on the mend. He’s 20, and lives away from home, and typically likes to leave his very worried mum in the dark! Boys!!

Anyway, the Tabex has just arrived in my mail this morning 😁😁, so I’m able to bring my quit date forward to this coming Wednesday, or earlier if they’re as effective as they say....wish me luck 😁😁

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How are you getting on Hygiene100 - have you started the tabex yet? How is your son doing?

By the way you don't need luck - thats for doing the lotto, wishing you strength instead as you approach your soon stop date :)


Hi RoisinO1

Thanks for asking, he’s back at work now and very much on the mend ☺️

I’ve been taking the Tabex for four days now, and it has made a big difference...my quit day is tonight (Australian time) - at 9pm I will smoke my last stick, and will be done.

I’ve cut right down with these, from about 25 last Thursday, to 6 yesterday, and it’s much easier to detach from the impulse to smoke, so I’m sticking to the four ‘C’s

1. Choose and commit to quit

2. Challenge and crush the fear of quitting

3. Change my thoughts around smoking

4. Condition my smoke free life

And lol, you are so right about luck and lotto....

And so glad we have this page for support ❤️❤️


Excellent post and mindset Hygiene100 - hope things are going well and look forward to seeing your day 1 post :)


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