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I'm scared I'll start smoking when I have a drink

Jojulian271 Week Smoke Free

Hello , I'm new to this and have a funny little smile on my face as I'm writing as I feel like the new girl in school 

I'm 24 days into my no smoking and have had up and down days but after my 3 rd attempt , have not got this far before apart from my 2 pregnancies. 

My worry is that when I have a drink I will be desperate to smoke as that's when I find it the hardest. 

I only smoked about 10 a day but have smoked from the age of 15 and I'm now 39 , so I've smoked more of my life than not 😬

I have not had a drink for 4 weeks tomorrow as I tried to help myself along the way of quitting smoking but I'm going to have a little few wines tomorrow and just hope and pray I can make it . 

I'm really into not wanting to smoke but realise once an addict of nicotine then it will always be there to bite you on the bum .when you least expect it . 

Hope to get some advise 

I feel I could not of got this far without all the honest posts on here 

Thank you 😀

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Joe22 Years Smoke Free

I tried giving up a few years back and reason i started smoking again was having a few beers i didnt think 1 would hurt but i was soon back to smoking full time.id say try not to get to tipsy cause ur more likely to not give a damn but well done on giving up for 24 days 😆

Jojulian271 Week Smoke Free

Hi Joe , yes I think your wise , that's exactly how it is when you have had a drink , my will power may dissminish, just a few glasses of wines first would be better . 

Thanks for your reply 

Have a good Easter weekend 


Welcome Jojulian and huge well done on 24 days, that is great!

You are at a vital stage in your quit, 3 weeks in and almost the month, you are over the worst in terms of physical withdrawal but the mental battle is in full swing and it is very common to be complacent at this stage, so you need to be very strong and ready to attack at all times.

Socializing and not caving in is the biggest hurdle to overcome I think, but it can be done, ensure all your friends know you are quit so you get the support you need, also, as Joe suggests, don't drink too much and try not to be around smokers if that is possible...

Wishing you strength - let us know how you get on!

NozmoValued Contributor

Hiya jojulian. Completely understand your predicament, was the same for me too. You do get more used to it so if you beast out the first couple of nights out it should get easier. Apart from that, can't better the good advice from Joe and Roisin.

I love your dog...he/she looks like a rascal!

Jojulian271 Week Smoke Free
in reply to Nozmo

Hi Nozmo , yes I'm just going to have to go for it and drink my wine and put myself through the torture of drinking and not smoking . Thank you for your reply . My dog is an 11 month old girl . She is so adorable , thank you but yes she does look like a little rascal lol 😂

Abuelajeannie3 Years Smoke Free

Hi a great achievement 24 days.  Socialising is definitely difficult at this stage. As I live in Spain my whole life here is about socialising, and a lot of my friends are smokers, I can't stay in but I definitely watch the alcohol as I know that would be a weakness, so I don't drink alcohol now, and what's more I don't miss it. I would rather stay off alcohol for a while than take the chance that I'll weaken and smoke.   We have to stay strong for a while yet, good luck

Jojulian271 Week Smoke Free
in reply to Abuelajeannie

hey Abuelajeannie, 

Thanks for your reply , yes , after a month of being a dull girl , it's time to get my glad rags on and go out , a month of no drinking is about enough as much as I can do , I'm just gonna bite the bullet and try my up most not to smoke NOPE . The odd thing is only a very few of my friends smoke , a lot of my friends think smoking is horrid 

But I worry I will never enjoy drinking again , I so loved smoking and my wine . 

I'm at the stage of thinking will life ever be as good without smoking , but only when I have drinks 

Well done you to not smoke and drink , that's amazing 😇

in reply to Jojulian27

I promise you Jo, life is so much better without smoking, we just have to adapt to different life situations without our little "nico friend".   

Wishing you strength for today, you will fly it.....

Jojulian271 Week Smoke Free

Hi Roisin, thank you for positive reply and wise words . Yes I think one day I have cracked this . I'm not going to smoke but then another day can be a hard one to get through. 

I also worry when you read things like people have stopped for 18 months then re started 😬 

Luckily I'm not with smokers on Sunday when I'll be having a drink but I've still craved them even when I've been the only smoker 😡In the past , but I've read I need to go put myself through drinking and being in that situation so I can re programme my brain that I can drink and not smoke . 

Yes  I'll let you know how it goes , thank you 

Have a nice weekend 😀

in reply to Jojulian27

Great mindset Jo, enjoy your weekend too!

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