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No Smoking Day
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Stopping smoking

Hi all, Ben to this forum/site and desperately need to stop smoking - health of mind, body not to mention purse lol. Ive tried nicotine replacements (patches fall off, lozenges give me bellyache, nicotine vape just doesn’t cut the mustard), acupuncture, cold turkey and Champix. The Champix gave me the most horrendous nightmares (as opposed to the lively but never unpleasant dreams on 24hour patches) and my daughter developed a sudden urge to run a large carving knife down her arm! On enquiring, I was told these are common side effects and that Champix should never be prescribed for people with diagnosed depression (being treated or not) and neither was it advised for close family. How does Tabex stack up? The distributors of one of the cystisine meds available here were very coy about their product, denying any side effects and insisting that it was an “all natural, herbal product and therefore safe”! Their product was also well over $100 for a month’s supply!

Will read through the posts here carefully but Tabex is looking worth pursuing and I will be asking my doctor before taking it. How have others found it - effective? Side effects? Any cross reactions especially with duloxitine (Cymbalta) or in people with depressive illnesses? Grateful for any comments on this!

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Damn predictive text - should read “am new to this forum”!


Welcome to our community Jehaz - unfortunately never heard of tabex and had to look it up before replying, don't think we have any other members here that used it. As we are not medical professionals, we would not be able to advise on medicines etc... but as you said, definitely check with your doctor before taking it if you decide to do so...

We look forward to seeing your Day 1 post very soon :)

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hi Jehaz

welcome to our little family.

sorry no help on the Tabex,not heard of that.

I was on some tablets (many years ago,) cant remember name not champix,another one and had to stop it,very embarrassing dreams,totally real dreams of adult nature 😁(wait for jokes )

do keep posting,let us know how your feeling and how you are getting on

take care 😊

keep kicking 😎

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Awkward !! :)


Hi Jehaz

I used tabex aka desmoxin to stop smoking back on early October. Like u I had gone through the gamut of aids over the years - patches, gum, zyban inhalers etc . I did not use champix - that would have been my last resort.

As u probably know it was developed in Eastern Europe to assist soldiers to stop smoking.

They are cheap to produce and of course not owned by the large drug companies (hence little promoted)

Some favourable research was done in New Zeland some years ago.

I suffered no side effects. The course is for a month .

I am now 4 and a half months nicotine free.

My assessment of it is very positive. It really helped in the first few weeks and made the withdrawal period 'very comfortable'.

That's not to say that it's a magic cure and you still have to deal with the cravings and psychological associations with smoking which still hit u periodically. I would certainly recommend it, personally I probably needed to do something that did not involve nicotine replacement.

Good luck if you choose to give it a go. I haven't found anyone else on this site who used it.

I am happy to talk again if it helps.


Jehas...Sorry for the nasty experience with Champix...and yes, it should not be prescribed to persons with even a slight history of depression... it is actually fatal..!

Some of us were lucky and Champix surfed it's purpose well and I can truly say, I wonder if I would have been able to do it without Champix...but also true is the fact that how much you want to stop ...!

Hope you find your way soon.. Strongs !


Hey Jehaz - how is things now, have you begun your smoke free journey?


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