Tired and grumpy

Hi there :)

My name is Jo and I've been looking at posts on here since I decided to quit smoking... I finally had my last cigarette 19 days ago! I popped in for a look today and a post about day 19 moved me to join! Sore teeth!! Who knew!!! Today is super hard... I feel I've breezed the last couple of weeks compared to today.. I smoked for 28 years and have never tried to quit before. I'm using low strength nicotine in an e cig to help and it really does! Thanks for you all sharing as it's spurred me on a lot. :)

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  • Hello Jo, welcome to the forum!

    I quit with an ecig too and it really helped me along. It makes it easier but it certainly doesn't make it easy. You will get days like this when everything feels bad. Swollen gums, tiredness, lack of sleep, feeling grotty, cough returning, feeling irritable...it's all normal!! Just try to get through it the best you can. and the good days will start to get more frequent than the bad days.

    Post as often as you like and try to read some of the pinned posts on the right to find out what to expect.

    Hope we can help you out!

  • Thank you so much :) cannot deny it's pretty much the most difficult thing to stay strong! Feeling good though that I have. This is such a great place! :) thanks again

  • How's it going today Jo? Any easier or still a bit of a struggle?

  • Yes!!!!! I'm a bit stunned because honestly day 19 was HIDEOUS!!! But today, amazing! Thought of smoking much less and even felt excited to be a non smoker!!! Thank you so much for checking in! :)

  • Excellent! I know it's a surprise but that's the way it works. Sorry to be a party pooper but you will probably get another bad day, completely out of the blue sometime soon. Just make sure you're ready for that and don't think that everything's going terribly wrong if it happens. It's a roller coaster of a ride...but glad to see you're on the easy bits!

  • Jo.. Warm welcome, Yup..you are on the weirdest yet most amazing roller coaster ride of your life...The one moment will be a breeze but the next will be black board scratching suffering...especially for us first time quitters....we do not know what to expect...But take it on and live through it..It is nice on the other side...!!! I promise !!!

  • Thank you very much :)

  • Hello and welcome Jo!

    I quit using an e-cig as well and found it was the method that worked for me. Some days will be better than others that is for sure but take heart because the difficult days become fewer as you plod along.

    Quitting takes a monumental amount of effort and energy, so if you need support, post on here as often as you need to.

    Hang in there. It is worth it. You've got this ☺

  • That's so so lovely!! Thank you... I'm so glad I found this place as although I do have support I think people who've never smoked don't get it! And those who still do smoke don't get it either!

    Really appreciate the support, thanks again :)

  • Warm welcome to our community jobm1 - congratulations on 19 days quit, that is great. I quit cold turkey 19 months ago but as you see from the replies, many members here quit with the aid of the ecig and are over the year or nearly there. Keep up that positive mindset you have and stay close to us through the good and bad days, we are here to help. Plan that treat for your first big milestone of 1 month which is fast approaching :) We look forward to reading your progress updates.

    PS Tired and grumpy are perfectly normal experiences, have a read of below pinned post link with helpful posts if not already read.


  • Thank you so much RoisinO1 :) I already feel that much better! What an amazing support network! Once I figure out how to work the site (technophobe!) I know I'll be in a better place! So very grateful for your kindness :)

  • No problem Jo, glad today is a good day, but as Nozmo rightly advised, be prepared and ready to attack at all times as Mr Nico can be very persistant and persuasive to get back into our lives, especially in the first few months and then as we get comfortable and more complacent in our quits. Just take it one day at a time. You are doing great :)

  • 19 days is awesome 😊 well done to you .i quit about 13 days ago cold turkey .i have a sore mouth/gums/teeth too 🤐 .feeling very ratty and tired this week .its so nice to come on here and see we arnt alone in our journey .keep up the great work xxx

  • That's so lovely, thank you and WELL DONE!!! I was amazed at the sore teeth and other stuff too! I think you're fantastic going cold turkey! Really admire you.... keep on with it because you're doing so so well! I was over the moon finding this site... tbh I could batter someone sometimes!!! And cry others! How long did you smoke for ? X

  • ha ha i could batter someone this week so easily ,crikey my poor children and husband 😓.i have smoked for around 19 years on and off (stopped for the babies then started again after each one .3x 😯.never around them i might add ,i could go all day without one but the minute i got 5 minutes spare id be gagging for a fag ,crazyness).

    how long have you smoked for? x

  • Hahahahaha oh my life I'm so glad it's similar! Ah the hubby and babies will be more than happy when they get to be with a healthy you!! I smoked for 28 years! 😳 never tried to give up before except when pregnant and I'm very ashamed to say I cut down to around four per day but didn't give up 😟 idiot! I'm taking it a day at a time and my lovely son is so proud of me it truly spurs me on!! Xx

  • aww thats brilliant ,bless him its lovely when you have support around you makes it worth while .ive stopped and failed so many times that i havent told many people as i feel they will think ll just fail again,but its feeling good to be doing it for myself xx

  • I'm with you there!!!! I've not told many people which is why this place is so amazing!!!! Sore teeth, grumpiness, even, oh my goodness, constipation (😳) is ok to share here!!!! At home there are just a few people I've shared with as I don't want judgement, end of! Xxx you're amazing and trying many times is certainly NOT failing! It's fantastic so pat yourself on the back and remember you are worth every effort you make!!! Xx

  • Don't worry about all the times you didn't make it hayles81 . It's a learning process. Some people can do it straight away but others try it a few times before it sticks. I must have tried six or seven times to quit; lost count to be honest. All those attempts weren't fruitless though as I learned what to expect during the quit and that stood me in good stead for the next one.

    Stopping smoking is mental; so much to it!

  • Nozmothankyou .its been a rough ride but i feel im in the right place this time .and congrats to you! one year smoke free thats awesome 😊 .x

  • Welcome jobm1!!! Congrats on 19 days smoke free😊 That is wonderful. This was my definient place to be in the early days. Everyone here is wonderful. Kind, compassionate , always available and the best part... we've all been where you are. Some minutes are down right horrible but there is always a better minute to follow. Stay strong💪🏻, but remember to take life

    1 minute-1hour-1day at a time

    I promise it does get better.



    334 days smoke free♥️

  • Aw thanks so much Wanda! Definitely so happy to have found this place as I was really feeling low!! X 334 days is brilliant!!! Well done and again, thank you for the encouragement and support... ☺️❤️

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