Day 2

So I am most of the way through day 2 and using my e-cig as little as possible -  and it's going OK.  My husband was supposed to be quitting with me but this afternoon, caves in and buys 20.  This is a nightmare.  There are now cigarettes in the house and I know it.  All I have to do is ask.....

I am not going to have one.  I have told him to put them in his pocket.  Cigarettes being available was the reason my last quit failed.  I cannot let that happen again.  I keep telling myself I am fighting for my life & that there are more people who have quit smoking than there are that smoke.  I think I need to focus on the here and now and worry about tomorrow when it comes.  I hate smoking, it makes me feel like crap and I don't enjoy it any longer.  Just need to remember this.

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  • I have never tried to quit when there's somebody else smoking in the house but I imagine it's a lot more difficult. I do know a couple of people who have done it though so it can be done. 

    Do whatever it takes to get through the next few days - be prepared for crazy mood swings and accept them when they happen, 

    Use your e-cig if it gets you through a tight spot, 


    Drink lots of water

    Avoid caffeine


    Go to bed if it all gets too much (seriously)

    I hope this best advice I'm afraid.

  • It does help.  Thank you.

  • Well done Mushen for coming on here to post..

    Firstly, you can do this on your own, my hubby gave up 2 years ago with me smoking up to 6 months ago.   I felt so guilty after I quit with what I would have put him through having to cope with cravings and me stinking of smoke, letting smoke get into the house etc.... but he got through it due to 100% focus and determination and you can too (by the way, he never once complained to me but asked me not to smoke around him which I respected, I brushed my teeth, sprayed myself etc.... to try and reduce the smell of smoke of me.   I'm sure your hubby will do the same and may actually follow you, but it has to his decision and really want to quit for himself and nobody else).

    As Nozmo said, lots of water, keep yourself busy and above all, just take one day at a time...

    Wishing you strength.....

  • Thank you for your words if support.  They help, they really do.

  • Great comments Mushen. It is a bit similar here on Day 9. My wife doesn't want to give up, but decided she would to help me quit. Unfortunately, due to not really wanting to she  caved in on day 6 and went and bought a pack. I have been ok with that and not craved one, until this morning after she had left for work, when if there had been one in the house I would have had one. Luckily, that craving has gone now, but it is so easy to have one if there are some in the house.

    Keep up the good work you have already achieved.

  • I agree.  If I see them sitting there on the window sill it is so very difficult not to have one.  Luckily, husband threw away the packet he bought and is now vaping like mad - which is OK.

  • Any better today mushen?

    Sorry if I'm being irritating :-)

  • You are not being irritating at all.  Quite the opposite in fact.  I feel accountable and this is of great help.

    I realise that vaping is taking the edge off of things but nevertheless, this isn't too bad at all.  I really like not having to go outside to smoke or having the day controlled by when I can smoke.  I slept better last night as well.

    Husband is back on the wagon and threw away the packet he bought yesterday which is great news.  He is vaping a lot but I have told him not to worry about this for the first few days.

    Had a trigger to smoke after the gym which I was fully expecting.  The thing about craves is that they do pass.

    How are you today?

  • Glad to hear you're still with us...and your husband is back off them too! That has to make for happier families. 

    I didn't find it easy in my first week (also using an ecig) so the fact that you're finding it OK looks like a good sign. I was driven up the wall at times in the first two weeks!

    Triggers are much easier to deal with when you know they're coming, like your gym one. Watch out for the ones that catch you by surprise. Nasty little devils!

    Anyway, enough rambling from me. Well done...and carry on doing what you're doing!

  • Thank you for your support. 

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