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Large knee length socks

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Hi can anyone help? I have Lymphoedema in my lower legs and I am wearing knee high Jobst stockings. The problem I have I have sensitive skin and my legs are reacting with the stockings making the skin develop a rash that bleeds. It is better if I have yellow line tubular bandage between but I need some knee length socks of a suitable size instead.

Anyone know where I could buy them?

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Who supplies your current garments? Are they aware of this reaction? There are ‘liner’ products available (made of silk) but the cause of the rash should be investigated.

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Are you wearing the correct size stockings? Maybe they are too tight or are rolling into a tight band around the leg. You need to be measured properly by a professional lymphoedema nurse for your stockings so that they are the correct fit. You also need to moisturise the legs every day morning and night if necessary.

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They don’t fit properly based on what you’re experiencing so you’re needing to be remeasured by a LE clinic nurse or private lymph therapist (look on

Might your rash be a reaction to latex? Most Jobst garments contain latex while some other garment manufacturers do not use latex. Explore options with the lymphie nurse or therapist x

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Thank you both for your time. I will have to go back and see limph nurse and have have my mesurments checked and ask about the silk under socks. I was measured a couple of months ago just before l got the stockings. I have just got over a bout of Cellulitis also that have made them swell not sure if it was because of the reaction with the stockings.

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Cellulitis can certainly make the skin very sensitive, but if you were reacting to the Jobst product before that you need to try a different brand as has been suggested. Silk liner socks are available on prescription and I find often improve the condition of the skin combined with daily moisturizing.

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I found Jobst difficult for me. I use TrueForm 20-30, as my MD said don't keep trying to go to 30/40. I rip them with my arthritic fingers.. Toes are not compressed in True Form stockings. I also have abdominal Lymphedema. I was told to get some kind of a capri that doesn't nearly "immobilize" me. I think I need to walk and be active. So I'm looking for something with gentle compression on abdomen. It won't be even 20/30, I recently learned about leg wraps called Farrow 4000. That might be what we both need, but you with silk underneath.

Best wishes for good outcomes!

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I too hope both you and I and all the forum members find the relief we need to make our lives a little better.

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My legs are so fat I can' t wear socks as they cut into my legs. Anyone help me?

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