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Multi-tasking antibiotics?

Hi I have secondary leg lymphoedema and also PMR and diabetes 2.  

 Last week I suffered a bout of cellulitis (infection entered skin via a small puncture caused when I got too near a thorny bush (I was initially unaware)--I WAS wearing trousers!) and a GP prescribed Clarythromycin 500mg 2D. The irony comes this week because not only has the medication removed the infection from my leg it has, in the process, greatly reduced lymph swelling from my legs AND, as a bonus , appears to have bump-started my adrenals for I am still on 4mg prednisolone daily but without the overall fatigue and intermittent cramping. Yey!

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Well some good came from the infection then. I also find the swelling my legs goes down following an infection however I suspect in my case it's because I stay in bed and keep my leg elevated more than usual. It could even be that the vessels in the lymphatic systems increase their capacity in response to the infection. I would be interested to know if anyone else has noticed their limb being smaller after an infection. 


I found that swelling went down dramatically - but am sure that it was because the pills knocked me out so i was spending most of the day in bed, trying to overcome fatigue.  We need to DEMAND that we get better Lymph. care on NHS, to help us find out if some treatments might have added benefits.


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