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I had my lap on 30th November. My bellybutton surgery wound has got an infection (staphylococcus aureus). I was given antibiotics on Monday. Since then I have felt progressively worse. The wound is weeping like crazy and is getting more and more painful. I'm supposed to go back if it's not cleared up by Monday when I finish the antibiotics but surely I should be feeling better not worse! And I don't fancy my chances of getting seen over christmas anyway. I'm going to try to see my GP this afternoon but I'm thouroughly fed up.

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Hello I hope you managed to see your GP? x

I did. She sent me to the hospital to see the on call gynae. They've taken more swabs to see if it's become resistant to the antibiotics and to check for fungal infections. Also said it's likely the antibiotics making me feel so ill. Home in bed now.

Hope you feel better soon x


I had two lots of antibiotics which weren’t clearing things up before a swab was taken and correct antibiotics given. In my experience I’d your not feeling a difference with antibiotics within 3 days, they’re not working xx

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