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Fed up- another infection!


Hello ladies,

Does anyone else suffer with repeated urine infections?

Just been to the doctor & theyve put me on more antibiotics as I've been showing signs of infection for days, & when they did the test it showed up as a positive for infection as well as blood & leukocytes in it :( I have endo on my bladder & the doctor thinks it may also be on my urethra :( does anyone else suffr from this or have any advice? Thanks x

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I always get them due to having endo on my bladder. I have no advice because I suffer from them all the time and nothing helps other than a hot water bottle between my legs. Sorry I cannot be of more help but your not the only one! I hope it gets better for you xxx

Thankyou hun :) that helps. Its just frustrating especially because it just keeps happening :( xx

I know how you feel. Its like as soon as you get rid of one there's another around the corner. I was told though that because of the endo on my bladder it wasn't actually forming a proper infection I was just getting all the symptoms of one. Could you not get the endo on your bladder removed? Xx

Basically because the endo is in so many places its really risky to remove it. Ive got it on my ovaries, uterus, bowel, bladder, rectum, pouch of douglas & in the general abdominal cavity as well as adenmyosis, adhesions & polycystic ovaries. During the lap they could only remove a tiny bit for biopsy as I bled a fair bit& my oxygen levels dropped really low. They are more concerned about the stuff on my bowels as I have so many problems (got to have a colonoscopy in a few weeks to see if its in my bowel which wont be fun lol). But theyve said I will need more surgery so not sure :( xx


I have a similar problem adn it's really starting to get me down. I've recently been diagnosed with Endo (4 months) and am awaiting my first laparoscopy. Over the last 6 months I've been getting repeated UTI like symptoms - frequent urination, cloudy urine and pelvic aches but no stinging and my cultures are always positive for leukocytes and sometimes blood but no nitrites (an indicator of bacteria) sometimes my Drs give me antibiotics but then it's back. I'm wasn't sure if it was an actual infection or just the inflammation form the endo causing the symptoms but it's reassuring in a way to know I'm not the only one. has no one been given any advice on how to relieve it?

dollypop1994 in reply to Mialya

The doctor yesterday told me that all they can really do is give antibiotics for the infection :( he also said though that it can lead to thrush-like symptoms (soreness & dryness ect) & thrush cream helps soothe the irratation. Was up most of the night with awful pain in my back & kidneys last night & all I could do was take my oramorph & have a heat bag on my back :( xx

I suffer with constant urine infection symptoms and everytime I go to the doctors they say I have high lukocytes or whatever it is, and i always end up on antibiotics but they never seem to give me an explanation as to why I keep getting urine infections. Ive had blood tests done to check kidney function etc so the only explanation can be that I have endo on the bladder, although ive not be diagnosed at all yet but all my symptoms point that way! Xxx

Hey hun,

Sounds like you need to get a referral for a lap as that is the only way to get a proper diagnoses. Hopefully then you will get some answers xxx

Hi, I have endometriosis in very similar places to you with a large amount on my bladder and more in other areas including pouch of douglas, liver, bowel, diaphragm, cervix, sigmoid colon.

I don't either bother to go to the doctor anymore when I get UTI like symptoms as I know what the results will say and antibiotics don't help.

You might want to try a natural product called d-mannose, it is a natural simple sugar which stops bacteria attaching to the bladder wall. There is more info from this site waterfall-d-mannose.com

I have read comments from other ladies from the forum who have tried it and seen success. I've tried it and wasn't sure whether or not it was working but I may also have an overactive bladder and with all the endo I just need that removed to see any real improvement I think.

Another thing you may want to try is watching what you eat. Some foods and drinks will irritate the bladder and endo more and cause you more problems. The most troublesome are coffee, alcohol, spicy foods, citrus fruits, chocolate. I'm trying this to see if it helps me. I know for sure that alcohol makes my symptoms a whole lot worse and really irritates the endo and my bladder wall.

I hope you get some relief, I know full well the pain and frustration it causes.

dollypop1994 in reply to Tina32

Hi hun,

Thanks for your reply- I will deffo look into the d-mannose as if it can help then I will try it.

I find that pork, red meat, dairy, wheat & alcohol really upset my endo & cause alot of irratation. I've also cut out sugary foods as they cause irratation xx

Hi there, I have only very recently been diagnosed with endo in my abdominal wall. For years and years now, I have suffered recurrent uti's (approx. 12-15 per year) I have had cystoscopys and urethral dialation but no one can seem to tell me why!! after reading your post, I am beginning to wonder if I perhaps have it on my bladder also. Is this checked for through a laparoscopy too?


dollypop1994 in reply to maz1209

Hi hun,

Yes they can check for endo on the bladder through a laparoscopy. The only way that endo can actually be properly diagnosed is through a lap (dont let them fob you off with saying oh yes, a scan has showed you might have endo as they tried that with me) xx

Hi, i get a lot of uti’s and have alwayd had awful periods and was always going to the doctors and was not being listened to I felt. Eventually one referred me and am lucky enough that I get private health are with my job so I was quickly in for an laparoscopy and hysteroscopy ans they found I have endometriosis on my bladder and adhesions etc. They were not able to remove it all but some they were. If you can, get a laparoscopy to be checked and hopefully this will help. I do still get days where it is so painful and still get uti’s/symptoms but if am honest, I will gld that I could finally understand why I had felt to ill all the time.

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