Anyone had post-lap infection without any obvious signs of infection?


I had a major op nearly 3 weeks ago, in the last few days the post-op pain and discomfort has started to ease off a bit thankfully however this morning I felt a bit off and then started getting the worst stabbing pains I've ever had in between 2 of my wounds an high up on my right side. After trying a variety of painkillers (tramadol, codiene and diclofenac) and resting to no effect and now literally not being able to move without catching my breath, screaming and swearing I phoned the on call doctor. He thinks its an infection and has prescribed some antibiotics and then review if they don't help. I'm just a bit surprised as I didn't think I had any signs of infection and its come on so suddenly, but at the same time I know I haven't overdone things as have been taking things really slow which is why I was concerned enough to call the doctor. Anyone else ever had anything similar? x

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  • Hayls, I would call your consultant as the GP will not really have an idea of what's gone on internally. I've had up and down days and too have had again some weird pains but not to a stage to call Dr. Let us know how you get on but do seek specialist support as GPs miss so much of our symptoms. Take care x

  • Hi

    Thanks, i thought the pain had settled a bit when i woke up but now back to how it was yesterday, I have had 2 major laps straight after each other so thought i was pretty adjusted to pain and I never call the on call doctor so for me to do that I know something's not too good. My mum has had a lot of gynae ops and she seems to agree with the gp but as you said he doesnt really know my history or exactly what was done in the op. I've been trying my consultants secretary all morning but no answer, will keep trying and if no answer by this afternoon will phone his secretary at the Nhs hospital as he is normally there on Fridays. x

  • Try ringing gynae admissions at the hospital you had the op they may be able to page Your consultant if he's in the building

  • Hi

    Thanks, that's what I did in the end and helpfully the nurse i got though to remembered me without me even saying my name and she got my consultant to phone me from home. He couldn't really say what was wrong but it was reassuring speaking to him anyway and am under orders to go to A&E if it gets worse x

  • Ah brilliant. Sometimes all you need is a little reassurance.

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