Infection after lapascopary getting worse

So I had my lapascopary done last Tuesday, I have unfortatntly developed a horrible infection on my belly button wound. I went to see my gp this Monday who started me on a course of anti biotics and said I have a wager infection, my wound is infected and apparently my womb is too.... I have been in absolute agony since my op, but seems to be getting worse this past week. My whole stomach but mainly the bottom and around my belly button is on fire, inside and on the skin. My skin is so sensative to touch I can't even have my top over my belly it hurts that much. My wound in my belly button red raw and seems to be getting worse, my symptoms seem to be getting worse as the day goes on. I have been back to the Drs today as I haven't stopped crying since mondy from the extreme pain I have been in..... apparently words from the dr this is normal for people to have? Which I don't think it is.......

I also do have a connective tissue disease which has caused me to go into a flare sffaight after my operation....

has anyone else developed this after there lap, I can't cope with the pain no more

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  • I've had three laps and never had an experience like this. I'm afraid that I don't have any advice other than maybe trying to see a different GP for a second opinion. I'm sure the last thing you feel like doing is traipsing backwards and forwards to the doctors all the time though! Or can you ring the ward where you had the surgery and ask their advice? I was able to do that with any problems that arose after my last lap.

    I'm sorry I can't help but I just didn't want you to feel ignored. Wishing you all the best. I really hope you get some relief soon x

  • Hi i did get a infection following last laparoscopy in womb only bleed for 5 weeks contacted ward i had laparoscopy done , if it doesn't seem right call them or go to another gp ,hope you feel better soon .

  • I did call the ward, they just told me to go and see my GP. I have saw 2 now this week, monday and wednesday. They have only gave me a week course of antibiotics which finishes this sunday. My stomach is still the exact same, im not sure if it is getting any better on my belly button as its now like a burm and there is loads of skin around the whole button which has come away.... Not sure if thats a healing process or part of the infection.

  • yes i have hun mines the same did the doctor give you flucloxacillin coz they have give me and my infection is healing nicely hope this helps you hun xxx

  • Yes that's what I'm on x

  • yes lv and it hasnt worked for you x

  • How long did you have the stinging burning sensation on your skin on stomach, I have had my op 2 weeks ago now, my antibiotics finished Monday just gone but I'm still in pain with the skin.. my stitches also still hasn't come out

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