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Has anyone had infection after hysterectomy?

Had my hysterectomy on 29th Jan was recovering well up to day 11. Then thought I had urine infection went to Dr next day got antibiotics pain got worse and started bleeding well more like watery blood stained discharge. Had antibiotics changed. Still looking discharge. Stabbing pains internally returned and lower back pain back. I'm wondering if antibiotics knocked infection back but not right antibiotics to kill it off. Does this make sense. Fed up now

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I think you need to be checked again for infection. Either go back to your GP or contact the hospital where you had your surgery. Maybe contact the ward at the hospital and explain your symptoms.

You should have urine sent

away to be tested and swabs taken to see if you have a pelvic infection. Your GP probably put you on "broad spectrum antibiotics" but it sounds as though you may need ones that are specific to any bacteria you have.

Do you have a high temperature? If you do, you should get an emergency appointment.

Best of luck

Barbara x


Hi thanks for your reply.my urine was sent off last Monday and got results it is clear. Not had swab done to see if I've got I

Pelvic infection. I spoke to hospital on Fri - private hospital but through nhs - they contacted consultant and she rung me said to go see her at her clinic on thur eve if still don't feel good. I assume that gives me time to finish antibiotics. I just don't know what pain is due to op and what could be due to infection. Not got temp but gp said don't have to.

Thur at clinic could be fun as I have wrote a letter of complaint about Dr to hospital


Sounds like it may be a bit awkward but I think you should go on Thursday.

Did it take you a long time to decide to have a hysterectomy?


Think I will see how I go between today and thur and go on thur. My hubbie will come to and he won't let her give me any crap. Every body that I spoke to said I should complain about stuff that had been said and happened. As for deciding about hysterectomy no it didn't take me long to decide. Just wish I had put more thought into who did it and where it was done. PM me if want more detail as don't think I can publicly post them



I had a pelvic abscess follow removal of my ovary, which was not picked up for several weeks. By the time it was diagnosed, I had developed septicemia and was critically ill. I saw various doctors and had several courses of antibiotics and even returned to work as I was told nothing was wrong. In the end, I was in hospital for 2 weeks on intravenous antibiotics and had to have the abscess drained. My advice if you are having internal pain and stabbing back pain is GO TO YOUR NEAREST A&E DEPARTMENT IMMEDIATELY. Sorry if this sounds scary, but I don't want anyone else to go through what I did.


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