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Severe Pain in Pelvis and Ovaries after Laparoscopy

I was wondering if anyone has been through this too 😞 And I'm so sorry it's such a long post!

I had my third laparoscopy and a cystoscopy on 25th Nov 2016. I had endometriosis removed from my pouch of Douglas, uretha, ovaries, womb and bladder. Also my left ovary and the tube had merged together and was stuck to my wall. I also had the mirena coil fitted whilst I was having surgery too. My surgery took just under 5 hours so I'm confident my surgeon did a thorough job.

I was hoping I'd start to feel better by now but I'm in so much pain. A few days after my surgery I was told I had caught an infection in my bladder and possibly my womb so were given 2 antibiotics to take. I also had an ultrasound and a blood test just under 2 weeks ago and everything appeared fine. At first I was bleeding through my uretha then I began to bleed as though I was having a period and I also had period cramps. I haven't had a period in years as I've got an implant but I assume this is normal after having a mirena coil fitted?

However I'm still in so much pain. I've also had in total an hour sleep in 2 days as the pains so bad. What makes it worse is I spoke to a new doctor at my GP Surgery who has refused my regular strong pain relief so I don't have anything to help with the pain anymore. They don't believe I can be in this much pain considering my surgery was 4 weeks ago.

The pain that I'm experiencing is in my left ovary and around that area. It's a horrible cramping feeling that hasn't disappeared 😞

Did anyone else feel this bad after surgery!?

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Hi and huge hugs x I had a diagnostic lap and separation of my ovary from the wall on 6 Dec along with Mirena and cystoscopy.

I had very bad pain coming out of the op and for maybe 3 or 4 days but then it did settle. I am bleeding quite a lot daily and having intermittent cramps from the Mirena but otherwise doing well.

I had a previous op and got an infection and was in more pain then and it lasted for about 8 weeks then so the infection can't be helping and nor can having had previous surgery. I am so sorry they aren't accepting the pain of what is happening to you. Can you get back in touch with the hospital and discuss it with them?

This article looks at what happens in the body post op experience and why you may get pain. Which maybe useful.



Hey Hun, thank you so much for your reply! The link you sent me is amazing! It's easy to think if the endo has returned or whether it's something so sinister when you have pain still.

I think the infection may have hindered my recovery time especially as it took you 8 weeks to recover last time!

I'm starting to think it could be the mirena causing me pain. I'm going to give it a few more weeks just to make sure! I have left a message with my endo support nurse at the hospital which I'm hoping calls me today even if it's just to reassure me!

Thankfully my regular doctor has been in touch and issued me my pain relief! Hopefully I'll be able to finally get some sleep and relief.

But thank you again for replying! You've really helped xxx

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Sorry to hear you're feeling so bad. I haven't had the same experience however I do my sister had the coil fitted (but not endo related) and had to have it removed as it caused her so much pain.l and other problems so it may well be the coil, or it may be something else going on.

I would suggest arranging to go to your GP surgery again but request to see a different GP as it sounds as though the first one wasn't very helpful!

Hope you get to the bottom of this soon x


Hey sweetie, thanks for replying to my message.

Thankfully I was able to get in touch with my regular doctor who has issued me my pain relief! Im just so upset about the previous doctors decision to not give me any pain relief. It makes me wonder whether she even read my notes!

I am starting to think it could be the mirena causing me the pain. I've left a message with my endo support nurse to discuss it but I might persevere and see if it subsides.

I just hope I start to recover soon as I thought by now I would be feeling a little bit better xx


Hi, so very glad I could help. I have been having intermittent cramps with my Mirena and the first time it happened I got really quite scared I had an infection or it was coming out but someone told me it's not unusual initially.

They aren't so severe this week even though the bleeding is now heavier so I am hoping it was just the coil kicking into action doing its thing and will now start to settle.

Take care of you x


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