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7 months since Laparoscopy and why am I in pain again?

Hi I was diagnosed in Sept 2012 with severe stage 4 endo at laparoscopy (after my GP kept telling me I had IBS). I had my left ovary removed along with a 9cm chocolate cyst (agony!), numerous adhesions which were attached to my bladder, bowel and gall bladder, removal of part of my right ovary and the attached 2 smaller cysts, womb ablation and fitted with a Mirena coil. The 1st 4 months were pain free, even tho I continued to bleed into month 6 (very heavy). Now I have got tummy pains again and a very sharp pain where my left ovary was.. I'm confused as they took that away. Been to c my GP and am now waiting to c the Gynae Dr again. Is it poss that my endo has returned this quickly?? I'm 41 and am thinking of asking for the full hysterectomy as I don't want to feel like this again and having finished with kiddies. Will the Dr b able to tell me on examination or will he have to do another laparoscopy to find out? Any help would b good :-) Many thanks x

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I was diagnosed last month with severe endo, none removed as I was told too extensive, I was a bit angry that it wasn't even attempted, all I've been offered is a full hysterectomy. I'm the same age as you and done with having kids too. I'm just scared about removing ovaries so young, and if have hrt will it cause endo to grow back again, I'm just really confused as not much info given by specialist, he just put me on waiting list for the hyster xx


Hi worth71,

Mine was fixed as a temporary measure because my cyst was so large and I was in so much pain (Id lost 2 stone in 8 weeks), plus my CA125 marker came back high which meant I needed a biopsy anyway :-/ Shame for me tho as my gynae wanted me to keep my remaining ovary as long as poss, even tho I told him I didn't need it and would prefer a hyster..

Maybe it's a good thing he has offered u the full op instead.. I'm feeling quite jealous as it would save going thru 2 op's or more :-D

Im not sure about the hrt thing either so maybe someone else can answer that for u :-) I am new to all this really and dont know too much about it all. However, if I get the hyster I won't b doing hrt at all as I have a hereditary clotting disorder and it could cause a dvt/stroke for me. I'd b intersted to find out the benefits (or not) of hrt post op tho if anyone out there can say.

If u'd prefer the endo to b treated tho, can u get another gynae and a 2nd opinion? Maybe u could just get it fixed like I did as it may work for u :-)

Good luck x


OMG dont do it, its not the answer to endo. I had severe endo and altho still having issues my organs were saved for now. MY right ovary is in a bad way and i may lose it but at least my gynae tried to keep them. Change ur gynae as soon as. Only do it if uve had ur kids and arent to fussed. Really hope u can see a specialist gynae. i am lucky that mine is. xxx


Oops, worth71. sorry didnt read ur post right lol. sn that ur done with kids. Sorry my heads up my arse the now. But only make a decision like that if ur ready for it. xx


Lol Lynnie don't worry, but I kind of agree, even though I've got kids etc, I still am so confused and really don't know which way to turn, I keep reading so many women's stories that they've had their hyster but then they're still not sorted, I don't want to put myself through this op (which will be open surgery not key hole) for only a maybe cure - I have to see consultant who is. 'A specialist at a specialist centre' but yes have to see him regularly at his endo clinic so I'm hoping I will be brave enough to get more info before I make the final decision, I'd rather they remove womb, and keep ovaries a few more years, I know they say they need to remove the oestrogen. My consultant said endo is caused by the blood flowing backwards through the Fallopian tubes, he didn't say that was one possible theory of a possible several theories of what causes endo, so based on his theory if the womb is gone then the blood won't flow backwards, so no endo - I'm surprised he was so matter of fact on it as they say that they don't know the real cause of endo.

And Minnie the whole hrt things really confuses me, women need their ovaries, not just til menopause, they are still active after and protect us against heart disease and osteoporosis, I'm scared that a rash decision now will cost me further health problems in later life, if only these docs could be straight with us xx


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