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Just had laparoscopy and in so much pain...help!


Hi All

I had a laparoscopy this morning. It went really well, the endometriosis was behind my cervix (uterosacral?) which explained why I had been suffering with sciatica type pains. He also removed a cyst from my left ovary and inserted a mirena coil.

He said that he did a lot of work so it's not surprising that I'm in a lot of pain - but I never expected to feel this bad! I'm at home in absolute agony and I just don't know what to do with myself. My stomach is hard and swollen with trapped air and I just can't get it out. I've bought windeze but not sure if I can take it tonight after having had a general anaesthetic and so many other drugs?

I've only got a week off work but I feel worse than I did after going home after 2 c sections!

Sorry to moan but wondering if anyone out there has been through the same and come out the other side fairly quickly. If anyone has any tips for coping at this time or speeding up the healing process and trapped air issues I'd be really grateful.

Thank you

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Peppermint tea!! It was my life saver for the gas pain as well as hot water bottles and walking around slowly. Hope you feel better soon x

It's still very early give yourself time to recover. Peppermint tea for the wind pain and regular moving around, and it should ease within a couple of days. Hopefully you'll find you feel much better as each day passes. What kind of work do you do? A week will prob be ok if it's light office type work with little travelling but a week might be optimistic for anything more demanding or if a lot of commuting is involved. Hope you feel better soon.

Did the hospital send you home with decent pain relief? Please make sure you're taking it regularly. After that, you need to be aware that pain you can't manage at home can be a sign of complications and isn't necessarily just gas.

If things get really bad or you're worried, call an ambulance and get yourself to A&E.

My gp was really sympathetic and I was signed off for another week... and I didn't have half as much done as you have. Allow yourself enough time to recover well!

I found hot water bottle helped with pain, and my osteopath advised bending arms and moving elbows gently from side to side to dislodge gas... but I was lucky and had very little pain from gas.

I agree with jo though, if pain's really bad then get medical help asap xx


I had 3 weeks off after both of my laps. 1 week seems too soon to be going back to work I think. Be kind to yourself, you're recovering from a significant surgery. It's important to rest and take your time recovering. I agree with peppermint tea for wind pain, slow walks around home/garden for ten-fifteen mins at a time to help release wind xxx


So sorry to hear about your pain.

It took me just over two weeks to not be in pain/cramping. Peppermint tea is amazing.. as are warm baths in the middle of the night! I often fell asleep in there!

I was only advised to take paracetamol but after three days called my GP and was sent strong cocodamol that really helped. So if you're struggling please speak to your GP! Best wishes xxx

Thanks guys will send hubby out for peppermint tea this morning x

HI. I really knows the feeling,but trust u me,u will b OK. I don't wanna remind myself about that day but I prayed n took strong pain killers prescribed by my doctor. Hey I never thought I'd be OK. Trust the creator of all things take strong pain killers n eat little then one day u will laugh again.

Thank you I'm starting to feel a tiny bit brighter Deflatine helps with the trapped wind

It took me 5 weeks to get back to work and all i had done was a small cyst removal. Do hang in there peppermint tea and moving regularly really help x x x

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