Mirena coil, don't be afraid of trying it.

Hello ladies, I hope you are all well?

I just thought I would write this post as I have mainly only seen negative posts about the Mirena coil.

Okay so 11 days ago I had a laparoscopy to remove endo, and I also had the Mirena coil fitted. I was very nervy about trying the Mirena as I've heard so many horror stories about it. In my experience i had not had a break on my pill for a year and 2 months due to the vile pain from endo especially during my period. I was told that 2 weeks before my surgery I was to stop taking my pill, but within those 2 weeks I didn't bleed, this worried me but the doctor said it was probably because I hadn't had a period for so long that the lining of my womb would be really thin. So, after surgery & having the Mirena fitted, I've bled for 3 days, that's it! Just 3 days and not bled since. I've had the period pain and cramps but no bleeding since, I'm still getting pain from where my endo has been removed and still uncomfortable but in all honesty, so far the Mirena has been pretty okay.

Don't always be put off by other people's stories as everyone is different and what may not work for someone else, may work for you.

I hope this will help some of you who are thinking about trying the Mirena, everyone is different :) xxx

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Thankyou ! I'm waiting for my first lap and I'm getting the coil fitted then. Here's hoping it works for me too !

I'm in the same boat! First lap in 4 weeks and mirena fitting. I'm excited about it because I'm currently in the lead up to a period and I can't imagine anything worse than this right now. If the mirena has a possibility of helping then bring it on! 😊 X

Thank you, I'm glad it's been ok for you. I'm due to have my second lap and a Mirena fitted soon so it's good to hear positive things! :) x

Good luck to you all ladies, it's always worth a try! Like I say, everyone is different, fingers crossed :D xx

Let me know how you all get on xx

Thanks for posting this. I'm glad you've had a good experience so far. I am having a lap to diagnose and they have advised I have the coil fitted at the same time. Hearing this definitely helps to make a more informed choice. Best wishes for the rest of your recovery xxx

Good luck with your lap hunni, let me know how it goes? I'm glad this post has helped you, & thank you very much, best of luck to you too xxx

I have had a great experience too, the coil really has given me my life back. I couldnt recommend it enough. The only thing I would add though is even though in the first few weeks I felt amazing when I had a period after it was terrible. My periods havent completely stopped two years on, occasionally I get a bleed for a few days and period type pain but it is still 100 times better than the life I had before. I only say this so you dont push yourself to much, 11 days is still quite early and also so people dont get dispondent if they are bleeding or have some pain because I just stuck with it and it was so worth it. x

I'm glad it has helped you out JulesUK . I know it's still early days for me, I'm getting some uncomfortable pain from the Coil and from the surgery but nothing compared to the endo pain, I just hope it stays the same for me :) xx

I did too at first but as you say its nothing like the terrible endo pain. Best wishes, hope it continues to be as life changing for you as it is for me. x


Do u think the coil helping with all the terrie endo pain and cramps? As well as the bleeding? My bleeding isn't too bad but the cramps are just like contractions, just terrible x

Me too l had the Mirena fitted after trying the pill back to back with no change. Even though it's only 6 weeks after having it fitted, there is great improvement and l hardly take pain killers. However, l started eating foods free from wheat, gluten, and dairy almost same time. I

Worked really well for me too. X


Thanks for this. I too am waiting for a Laparoscopy, treatment and coil fitted at the same time. Fingers crossed for a positive experience like yours 👍🏻 x

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