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First laparoscopy last thursday!

Had my first op last thursday. Took a few days to recover, but still not fully recovered. They found endo in the womb and adhesions on the bowel, they don't know whether the adhesions were related to endo or not, so I need to look into that.

I also had the mirena coil fitted at the same time to help with symptoms etc.

I have been having a lot of pain, when I eat and also in general. Feels like bad period pains I used to get on the first day but everyday and without the period. Had to be on strong pain killers but they don't always mask all of the pain. I have the doctors tomorrow, but just wondered if this was normal or should i be worried etc. Ive been a bit hormonal also, but i am on pain killers too and had the coil so maybe it's that.?

Could the pain be related to just having the coil or the op or something's not write?


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Hope you're recovering ok :)

I had an oophrectomy on my left side due to a chocolate cyst abd had the mirena coil too, didn't stop my pain so now I'm on zoladex injections which basically put you into menopause. Sounds scary but at least for now it's taken my pain away. Something to consider if nothing else has worked so far. Good luck x


Thank you:) I have only have the coil in for over 2 weeks now so I need to give it a chance. I had the coil in the same time i had my first op, over 2 weeks ago. But had pain since, I don't know if the pain is from the op or the coil. The doctor said I need to leave it another 2 weeks so make sure I have fully recovered from the op, so if i still have pain then, then we will look into it. I have had a lot of dark spotting also and extreme pain when it occurs even through strong pain killers so I am pretty confused.. But thank you, I will keep that in mind, but because I am only 20 it's a bit scary to do that..xx


It's scary at any age but I know what you mean! I'm 33 and it's not any easier but at this point anything that gets rid of the pain is worth it to me, I hope something less drastic works for you x



I am sorry to hear you in alot of pain! I am hoping you are feeling better today! I am just wondering what your symptoms where before you lap? I am waiting to see my gyno Dec 1st and am in pain daily. At first i thought it was GI ...but seen a GI specialist and had an upper scope and colonscopy done. I also had tons of blood, stool sample, xray, and ultrasound. All coming back fine. Despite being in pain daily, and it getting worst. Alot of pain is on the left along my colon, and I have alot of bowl issues usually constipated (sorry TMI). I am wondering what your symptoms where before lap? I am assuming I have endo on my colon or intestines somewhere as all GI tests are coming back fine, and not food related (did hypoallergetic elimination diet). Thanks and praying for you to get relief xo


Hi thanks for your reply. It's been just over 2 weeks since op..still in pain most days and have naproxen and co-codamol etc and sometimes comes through, also spotting regular, but that could be due to the mirena coil. Just so confusing, that I am still 'recovering?' from the op.. Sorry to hear about your difficulties, I know what it is like for your symptoms to be so confusing especially when all tests are clear.. I had womb pain and bowel pain/slow bowel movements sometimes. my pain became worse when i was on my period and i also noticed about my ovulation time which is around 2 weeks after my period.. in the middle (so like 2 weeks before my period and 2 weeks after). But sometimes just odd days of pain. I went through stages of pain a lot, my pain wasn't as often when I stopped working and didn't do as much so I have been studying but that was just for me.

When I went to have the op, they said because there was nothing on bloods, stools, swabs, ultrasound scans(many times) its unlikely for me to have it. So when I came out I was surprised that I have endo in womb, not too much that they could see as they can only see big bits and get rid of big bits(don't quote me on that). Even though they said they wasn't going to look at the bowel, they do adhesion on it, so it was kind of attached to another organ but they separated it. What are you symptoms? And how long has this been occurring?

I waited around for a long time until I did the op, doctors kept trying different things, in the end I just needed to know. And now I do, hoping the mirena will help with symptoms as i was told it could slow or stop endo from spreading as it may stop your periods or reduce them. Thanks for your prayers, I continue to pray and believe for complete healing, as with you too :)


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