Just when I thought it was safe...rigid sigmoidoscopy next week!

Hello ladies. OK finally feeling a bit fed up and need a little moan. Survived the lap, cystoscopy and Mirena Tuesday. Today I woke up with a burning urethra so bladder infection and and to go back in for a urine test and antibiotics. Doc was lovely again mind and checked my wounds which had leaked.

I got home to find bowel surgeon appointment and two enema suppository tablets in the post for TUESDAY next week!! Arrgh!! I thought I was safe till after Christmas from having to deal with all that stuff, I am still shattered from the lap only just managed to get my hair washed today and have literally no clothes that even fit my huge bloated tummy.

Just could really do without this so soon. Why is it happening so soon after my operation? Is that normal?

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  • I would ring them and tell them you've just had surgery and you want to check it's OK to have this now, and that you actually might not be up to it. It might be that there's been a complete lack of communication between the departments and they don't know you've just had a lap. But ugh, I know I couldn't handle bowel prep and a sigmoidoscopy 7 days post lap.

  • Defiantly check with them and make sure they are aware you have just had a lap. I remember I couldn't find any trousers to wear comfortably as my tummy was so bloated. I hope you feel better soon! Xx

  • This sounds like an admin error to me X

  • Thanks all. I can't sleep I'm so worried about it all. All feels too much to cope with mentally emotionally and physically!

  • It is still early days after your operation. It is normal to experience up and downs post operation. If you don't feel up to the procedure just call to rearrange for another week. I remember you are having it privately? They can easily move the appointment. I found my recovery progress in stages. Suddenly you will just feel so much better.

    Maybe postpone it for 1 week and see how you feel. I had bloated tummy post operation too. Maybe a wrap around or maxi dress for lounging around? I tried to keep up 'beauty' regime while recovery. I was using all sort of new facial products that makes me feel good. Tries to walk a little and often if possible. It was suggested to walk around 60m 5 time a day. I have a link on my previous posts to this.

    Take it easy and rest up.

  • Thanks Stella. Really grateful for your support X

    I called the hospital they said no contra indication from op and I should go. had a little cry and a bit calmer now.

    I got out for a walk today for first time (mail order clothing came yesterday so finally something I can get in) 50 m once is all I managed, though I've house mooched a lot. 6 times, wow I need to get going more. Showered properly today for first time so am doing more though so hopefully it is a step change day. Having fully clean hair again is a relief so am more human today finally.

  • If you can manage next Tuesday then that is great. It is very brave of you! Afterwards you can have your consultation with the bowel surgeon. That would put your mind at ease. I found not knowing and speculation are much worse than the truth. Once you find out the facts then you can plan accordingly. You can channel your energy into positive steps rather than negative worrying.

    Hope it all goes well next Tuesday!

  • I got hold of the bowel consultant's secretary today and she was lovely. I don't have to do the enema and sigmoidoscopy so close to a lap, it was just a standard referral thing . So it's preying on my mind now and may be best gotten over with. I need answers. Not gonna be an easy day at all though.

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