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When is it safe to have a bath after your lap?

Hi Ladies!

I had my lap done last wednesday, and my stitches are healing nicely. I'd just like to know when people have felt its ok to have a bath. Ive had several showers and theyve been fine but I have been feeling a little stressed lately and all i want is a nice soak in the bath with some relaxation oils, but i don't want to risk my stitches getting icky. Any ideas?

Hope your all feeling well today!


Emma Xx

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I was told no baths/being submerged in water until after my post-op as infections can happen very quickly, especially if you have oils or bubble bath in the water. my post-op was 6 weeks after my surgery

i'd stick with showers for a little while longer. i know it sucks i'm a bath girl myself


I had dissolvable stitches and was advised not to have a bath until either they dissolved or I had them removed. If they get too wet soon after being put in then you risk them dissolving early and leaving you with an open wound! As far as regular stitches I'm unsure. Do you have any waterproof bandages you could use to keep bath water out perhaps?

All the best.



I had to wait 6 weeks - dissolvable stitches - before having a bath. I had an ovarian cystectomy via a laparotomy so my scar was big (don't know if that affects it). You might be able to have a really shallow bath that didn't come anywhere near your incisions, otherwise I think it'd be very hard to put something over them to stop hem getting wet (not like an arm or leg you can hang out of the side)


I THINK it's two weeks atleast before a bath but you will need to check that


Thanks ladies, really had no idea it was supposed to be that long?! I had a small bath anyway as my back was killing me, but my stitches and wounds seem ok so just going to keep an eye on them. Thanks for the help! xxx


I know its different but I went swimming a week after surgery and took my own stitches out by then as they weren't dissolvable and my skin was growing over them (I heal fast) I was on holiday so I couldn't get to a doctor and I found the chlorine from the pool helped heal me, I had to be extremely careful of people knocking me so we went when it was quiet. It was ok though and there was no infection, just use clear water and no bubblies or anything xxx


Thanks LeyaC. Yer my stitches are dissolvable apparently - although to me they look normal, so we'll see. Yer my wounds look ok today after having my bath yesterday, must admit i was a little naughty and put some relaxation oil in, but only a tiny bit, and everything looks ok.

Thanks :) and i hope your feeling better - have seen a few posts you've put on and so hoping things are looking better for you, and glad to see your writing your blog again :)

Emma xx


You could ring and ask just to make sure. You should be ok now though, might help to heal a bit faster as I find having a little bit of water on it daily helps. I'm alright at the moment, just extremely hot and don't know if its flushes from the prostap or the hot weather, lol. Glad you're reading my blog and that its of use to you, should be posting again in the next few days and putting up a new page. Take care Hun and hope you heal fast and well.

Leya xxx


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