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First proper period after lap

Hi everyone

I had my lap 4 weeks ago and it was confirmed endo which was removed and I have been discharged by consultant but if my symptoms come back I have been told to get referred back straight away (still waiting on my letter from my consultant which confirms all this)

Anyway I was just wondering if anyone noticed a massive difference on their first period after their lap. My period started 2 days after my lap but didn’t really notice any pain as was in pain from the lap so couldn’t really tell but I have come on today and the pain is no where near as bad as it used to be, before I used to be crippled in pain and only zapain would help with the pain. Today I have had twinges and taken paracetamol which has helped with the pain which to me is a positive I just don’t want to get my hopes up that I’m finally pain free and then it all come back again really quickly. Has anyone else experienced this?


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Yes i did.... i had mine 4 months ago and have had my on time to the day since and i have more then halved the pain?

I have no idea how or why as i had nothing done?

Although i did start taking tranexamic acid straight after on first period but i still didnt have as much pain and havent since!

It weird, it like im waiting for it to hit me and come back painful but it hasnt? I havent had to take anything other then paracetamol.

I supose i should make most of it but i just find it weird


Yeah I found it weird too, I’m the same I’m waiting for it to hit me as I was so used to having the crippling pain that it was a complete shock just have a normal period so to speak, I guess after over 10 years of pain you adapt to it. It had surprised me that 2 small amounts of endo could cause that amount of pain to be honest x


I supose we should make most of it.

I didnt have anything done major in mine. They found nothing apart from they did a d&c ? As my uterus needed widening and scraping.

I also was on my period on lap and they noticed i had severe clotting so that why they suggested tranexamic acid and it has really helped me my periods are thinner and only 3 days now instead of anything up to 9 and so heavy i couldnt move and i slept on a towel....

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We should def make the most of it.

My consultant just suggested the coil or the pill but haven’t decided what to do yet.

Bet that’s such a relief that the tablets have helped sounds like you used to have a bad time each period, mine were more painful but did use to get clots, it’s still a bit heavy but it’s only first day of my period so hoping it will ease like you mine used to be a week if not longer so hoping it doesn’t last as long. X


Yeh there trying to get me on pill or coil but at 43 im kinda over all that crap being put in my body and rather do it naturally. I know i have to take the tran acid to thin blood but i only take that on day 1&2 of period then it done.

I dont want something inside me that may not agree with me and i cant get it out!! Ive heard dr so quick to make u have one a coil but if u want it out it all “ oh give it a year” a year is along time to put up with something.

At least a pill u can just stop


Yeah that’s what I thought, I have had so many things done to inside me in the last 18 months that I just don’t want to add to it with a coil plus I’m the same as you what if they can’t get it out. Thank you x


My first period after my lap was pretty awesome! If you can say that about periods..

I suffered from horrible periods before and now they’re easy to handle.

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I hope mine stays like that as well to be honest it’s such a relief to be able to go out and not think about the pain anymore

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I haven't had my first period after my lap (3 and a bit weeks ago), it's due in a few days and I'm already feeling exhausted and have a headache today, really worried as I've read it supposed to be awful...nooooo


I had a really bad headache the day before to the point I had to sit in the dark and my period came the next day. Pain wise hasn’t been that bad normally on the first day I can’t move but it’s not been like that at all. Hope yours is ok x


Thanks, that's good to know, I'm hoping it will be okay :)

I have a headache today, which I usually get just before but it's really bad this time :(


My first period after the surgery was quite painful and very heavy, but not like my periods before surgery (which were not heavy and were painful in a different way). I think that was an anomaly - now my periods are a bit painful but better each month since surgery. I'm not sure if it's possible to generalize but I think how much you have removed and how long it takes to recover from the surgery might be a factor.


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