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Gabapentin.... Yay or nay?!

Iv been put on gabapentin in the hope this helps with pain. Just wandering if anyone else has taken it? Is it ok?

Been discharged from hospital today after having a lap on Tuesday so I'm a bit tender still but soooo glad to be home!!! Problem being I went for a wee when I came in and I'm pretty sure there was nothing normal about the colour or smell!!! I don't want to go back to that death hole though :-/ x x

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I took gabapentin I found it okay, build up slowly and come off slowly, didn't find it particularly strong but enough to take edge off. Didn't have problems coming off it. I started with Tramadol then gabapentin . Made me sleepy x


Keep an eye on your wee as it could be an infection . Unpleasant smell also not good. If you are passing blood next wee phone hospital or doctor/out of hours number.Do you have a temperature?If so get help right away as urine or wound infections post op can be difficult to shift.Sorry to make you anxious.but I had a very nasty infection after a C Section,which I ignored as I thought it was normal to pass blood after an op.

I am presently working up to 1800mg G abapentin and have had to get to 900mg to feel any effect,b ut it is now taking the sharp edge of the pain,which feels like I am being stabbed and full of glass.As Sheri says work it up very slowly -I was started at 100my 3x daily for a week,then adding 100mg every 3 days and have had no adverse effects,You can also take the whole dose at night,but that not much good if you need it during the day also.I ried this once and slept 12hrs solid and my daughter was very worried!!!

Do let me know how you get on and wishing you well for your recovery.


Hi my doctors has just prescribed gabapentin hoping this will help me to it just worries me as I work full time in a school so don't need to be tied x


Hi Jofus and Kitty,

This was discussed recently on another thread which you might find helpful. healthunlocked.com/endometr...

Also use the search box top right for more posts on the subject.



I take gabapentin but have done for aqbout 3 years now i suffer with chrionic back pain due to a tear in one of my discs but now wondering how much is down to having endo in pouch of douglas but no one is telling me anything well thats whaytt it feels like. Anyway back to the point i take 900mg 3 times a day so in total 2700mg a day i dont find it helps that much but then that could be down to the fact of being on it so long also i wonder how much pain i would be in without it i am on a number of different pain meds though. I would start on the lowest dose you can first though


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