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Feeling a bit pathetic...

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Ok, so I apologise but this is just a quick moan because I know you ladies are the only ones who can sympathise. I had my second lap 3weeks ago. My first was diagnostic and this second lap was to remove Endo. The initial lap showed Endo adhesions from my bowel to my abdominal wall and some in the pouch of Douglas. When I went in I was treated by a fantastic specialist who found it in those 2places plus my uterosacral ligament, my left pelvic side wall, my uv pouch (by the bladder) and my right round ligament (next to my ovary). I was initially signed off for 3weeks and I was feeling not too bad so I decided to come back to work today on reduced hours. My managers been really good about me taking my time to come back but having come in today I feel awful. I just ache so much and I feel wiped out but I felt ok these last few days so I dont know why its suddenly hit me again. I do an office job so I'm sat down and its not strenuous. I know if I told my manager I just wanted to do a half day and leave in a bit she'd be fine with it but I just feel like I'm giving up too soon which I know is stupid and I should be looking after myself. I also feel very emotional and weepy today and I dont know why. Theres no point to this post really other than to just talk to someone so sorry for the moan! Xx

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You should go home to rest. Your manager sounds supportive, I'm sure they'll understand. The tearfulness and feeling emotional can be after effects of the op too. It's important that you take it easy and don't push yourself too hard X

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Thanks :) its silly because everyone's telling me to take it easy but because I'm back people are throwing work at me left right and centre. Mostly its from people from other areas who dont know why I was off and I know I could just tell them I cant do it or it'll have to wait but it makes me feel like a let down. I just spoke to my manager and I have a meeting now so I think I'm going to take a long lunch at 12 then come back from 1-2 and then make my way home. That way I only have 1 1/2 hours left to work but at least I'm showing my face for a bit. Xx

The emotional stress of going back to work after time off (without an op) is enough to make you feel the way you do. I bet just getting up and getting to work is more than you have been doing over the last couple of weeks and therefore its understandable you are tired. From m experience (in which I did not do this) is that you need to take it slowly and listen to your body xxx

I recovered from my op really quickly but it took nearly 3 months for my energy levels to return to normal. Just take things easy and dont expect too much too soon xxx

Hey, pod and bowel Endo is more severe, I was told 6-8 wks recovery, tried to go back after 4, ended up in a right mess in a&e. Be careful and rest as much as possible it will be at least another 3-4 wks until you begin to feel right again so don't beat yourself up - how you're feeling is very normal when extensive deep Endo has been removed.

Take it easy, now isn't the time to push yourself as your recovery will be more difficult and take even longer otherwise.

If you need more time off or part time - take it. It's your body telling you what you need.

Feel better soon xxx

Be kind to yourself and your manager sounds fab. You have been through a lot and will have good and bad days. Don't be so hard on yourself, take the time off you need and look after yourself and listen to your body xx

Thanks ladies, its so nice to hear that from someone else. I just feel that because its all on the inside even though people are being nice about it they don't really understand how it makes you feel and they keep forgetting how bad I feel. I left at 2again today and luckily I work a 4day week so I have a day off tomorrow. I'm just going to do a small grocery shop with the kids then take the rest of the day watching kids films and relaxing. Thursday and Friday I'll be leaving 3 and 3:30 and taking long lunches so hopefully that will help get through the rest of the week. It would be so much easier if this was the sort of thing you can see on the outside. If I had my.arm in a plaster cast or something it would be easier for people to remember how I'm probably feeling! Xx

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