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I have constant bleeding with mirena coil after a year. What should be my next step?

I have had my mirena coil to help with Endo symptoms since 13th December 2012, so just shy of a year. For the last few months I have had horrific bleeding (massive blood clots, blood pouring out of me into the toilet etc). My average cycle is 18 days. My last period lasted 16 days, then I had 9 days of no bleeding and this period is now on day 13 with no signs of stopping. I am having such bad pain that I need to take Tramadol sometimes just to cope. I am currently living in Mexico, but will be returning to the UK at Christmas time. Last month I paid privately in Mexico to see a gynae as I had a bacterial vaginal infection. He did a very thorough examination including a colposcopy. Everything looked normal to him and the infection was treated with antibiotics. I have no idea where to go with this next. I am getting married in July and my husband and I will be moving to Qatar for 2 years. We would like to wait until after that before we try for a baby but I am worried sick that time is running out. I am 31. I need some advice as in my opinion I need more surgery to treat my endo again. I had a diagnostic laparoscopy in July 2011 where they confirmed endometriosis and treated with diathermy. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

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are you 100% sure it hasn't fallen out?

Sounds like regular irregular periods, and the mirena should have curtailed any period by now to be no more than spotting. It's had plenty of time to settle.

If the strings are still there, and you can't feel the mirena sticking out of the cervix (ie it droppd down), then It would appear not to be working for you and you might be better off having back to back BC pills which are a much stronger dose of hormones than the mirena.

If you cannot feel the strings, visit the GP to request referal for a scan to check the mirena is still inside AND where it is meant to be. They might decide if they find it on a scan, to remove it at the hosp if it has failed you.

If still there and you want to keep it in place as contraceptive- that's fine, but your GP may suggest trying BC pills too, in order to give you a break from periods.


Thank you for your reply. It is definitely still in place as the gynae here in Mexico did an ultrasound and showed me on the screen that it was where it should be. The thought of going back on the pill horrifies me as the reason I stopped taking pills was because they were turning me into a hormonal psychopath. I tried 5 different pills and none of them helped. Thank you though. Decisions to make once again! :-)


Hi there, sorry to hear you are having such a rough time. I have had my mirena in for 1 3/4 years and it is coming out tomorrow when I have my 3rd lap. For me the pain got a little better after a year but I still have constant ache in my right pelvis and abdomen, irregular bleeding and discharge that makes me sore down below and it has not improved my endo bowel symptoms. For me I feel it just doesn't agree with me. I didn't find out I had endo till after my second child ( had them at age 33 and 35) and I then had a 3rd child at 41. I tricycled marvelon contraceptive pill after my 1st lap until I was ready to TTC. That worked really well for me and endo symptoms didn't return til my youngest was 3( I think extended breast feeding helped with hormones) so I had about 6 yrs symptom free. Maybe see if you can have another lap on your return if you can go privately and consider tricycling the pill until ready to have a baby. PM me if you like. All the best x


Thanks you for your reply. I was on Marvelon for a while but it was making me crazy. I'm a teacher so can't really be losing my temper at the drop of a hat. I will definitely see GP when I get5 home and ask to be referred back to gynae in UK. Fingers crossed they can come up with something, but I definitely don't think the oil is working for me.


My Mirena has been brilliant periods wise- but I agree -it does nothing for bowel endo. That still happens every month, but without periods too, I can at least cope better with the bowel issue.


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