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Mirena coil...symptoms should i be worried??

i had operation for advanced endometriosis 8 weeks ago, i was in theatre for 4 hours and they excised endo from pipe leading to left kidney, bowel and womb 5mm the surgeon had to go down into bowel and kidney tube. at end of surgery they put in a mirena coil whilst iwas still under the anesthetic. since the op i have had constant vaginal bleeding and very low stomach pain and cramps as well as lower back pain its all on my left hand side mainly. im concerned its the mirena coil causing this can anybody help me if its "normal" ? ive also tried checking if still in place, i can feel threads but also if i try checking further up can feel something hard?? can anyone give me some guidance on if its normal and also how to check mirena properly? thanks

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Maybe u should go to ur doctor who will check the coil for u. I had the coil fitted few yrs back and was in agony, i expected pain for a few days but after 1 wk i was doubled over, i went to the family planning where it was done and the doc there said everything was fine so sent away. 2wks after id had enough and went to my own doctor and asked her to remove it. Once she had she told me the coil was sitting in my cervix so that explained why i was doubled over. Sometimes this can happen. Also u had a lot of work done during ur lap so it can take a long time to heal. xxx


I have that reaction to the mirena, I've tried it twice, both times it made me bleed constantly and cramp until the minute it was removed, they just dont work for some people and are less likely to settle if you haven't had children yet xxx



I had my first mirena fitted at 18 and it was fantastic straight away.

I had my second one fitted during a lap in July 2012 and it has taken until now to settle.

I haven't had children yet and have had mixed experiences with mirena, but I would say stick with it if you can. Get it checked by GP to make sure it is in place and everything is as it should be.

Take care xx


I had the mirena before i had my son, mine had slipped and gotten infected so had to be removed after only 4 weeks. I was in constant pain, even passed out and didn't stop bleeding


Thank you for all the advice and info :) think il go see

Gp just to get it checked for peace of mind hoping

Pain and bleeding doesn't lasting longer as I think I

Will end up asking for it to be removed. Thanks agin for the help


I had mine fitted in Jan 2012 was in pain for 2 days constant spotting no pain now but bleed everytime I open bowels I have stage 4 endo i've put on alot of weight just feel hungry all the time no pain just spotting all the time. Maybe you need it checked by GP then give it time to setle down

Good luck


Hi I had mine fitted during laparoscopy, had endo burnt away during the lap so had lots of healing to do! It took some months to settle down but it was totally worth it and mirena has been great for me.


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