I'm new here! I have bleeding with my stools and am scared

Has anyone had this and does it stop?

The last year has been so frightening and isolating! I've experienced blood in my stools (literally clots on my stool), a red toilet bowl and blood when I wipe during my periods every period since February. It's September now. But no bleeding between periods until I had the Mirena inserted to try help me "manage" this while I wait for my first gynae appointment which is on the 12th of Sept. It has been such a long wait with frightening moments almost daily and I am so frustrated by it all.

The mirena has resulted in more frequent bleeding both vaginally and then corresponding with my stools. The first thing my GP said when I mentioned the symptoms in Feb was that she can't refer me to a gynae until I've gone for a flexible sigmoidoscopy to look at the left side of the colon. I managed to get an appointment for this in May which came out clear. I only got a gynae referral in the middle of june, after 4 separate GP anal exams with nothing found (why???) which resulted in nothing new, just more embarrassment. After complaining I got a gynae referral and could only get my first appointment for Sept. Sorry for the vent but I would appreciate your thoughts.

I've also had low blood platelets for some years and asked my GP whether that was related but she said no. Could it be? Sorry about the long intro, I found this sight when I was quite scared. I have had no info from the doctors I've seen apart from the fact that if this is endo, it's very common and could be so severe as to requiring a tampon in your anus. It left me wondering how this could be uplifting or remotely helpful?

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  • Oh dear, very unhelpful! I used to always have rectal bleeding and had no idea why and was obviously concerned. Had it checked on several occasions by gp and specialist clinic, but no reason was ever found. It wasn't until I was diagnosed with endometriosis (when we were trying unsuccessfully to have a baby) and it was found on my bowel, that I realised that was the reason for the bleeding. Never had it officially confirmed as my endo care has been minimal and I haven't pursued it, but I have no worries that it is anything else as I no longer have periods (mirena coil) and no longer have rectal bleeding. Xxx

  • Thanks so much, I'm so glad the mirena helped with your symptoms. And also so sad to hear about how it has affected your family. I'm hoping my Mirena will eventually help with my bleeding too. I'm still spotting with the coil and have a mini period, all of which still correspond to the bleeding with stools. Thanks for your reply Jenny8 :)

  • I had this. I had infiltrative disease into my rectum and am recovering from extensive surgery including resection of the affected bowel. Not to sound like a broken record on here but check your gynae referral is to a BSGE gynaecologist as they work with colorectal and other specialists. An "ordinary" gynae referral got me nowhere and delayed my diagnosis by 2 years, impacting amongst other things my fertility. If you have private insurance consider using it as most BSGE surgeons do private work too.

  • Gosh, thanks for that. It is super helpful. OK, so I will definitely do this. How are you now? I don't have private insurance but will look at all my options. Thank you again. It is concerning that even the coil hasn't stopped it, neither has the coil stopped the vaginal bleeding. It is so strange - everything. I hadn't heard of endometriosis until this year!! I feel like I should raise awareness but also feel as though I really need to focus on getting better first. Thank you ED34 :) x

  • I'm good now. Well on the mend and hoping a mass excision helps with fertility as well as pain etc etc. I lost one fallopian tube in the surgery as it had become blocked. We're trying naturally but IVF remains an option. I've been on a hormone blocker (prostap) so have had a blissful 6 months of no periods before the surgery and when I start menstruating again I think things will be much better. I have a new bowel habit I'm getting used to but it's a walk in the park versus pain and bleeding from my bum and horrendous long and painful periods. I know it will have been worth it.

  • You've been through so much. I hope everything settles down for you. How did they first find endo in your bowel?

    I saw my gynae today for the first appointment and he said it's so extremely rare to have endo on the bowel that he basically doesn't think I could have it.

    Nevertheless, I will be put on a waiting list for a lap and he will take a look. He mentioned that internal haemorrhoids could bleed at the time of your period too. But I asked whether the colour of the blood could change as your period blood does through the cycle. Because the bleeding along with my stools starts the day before my period with the usual repeated bouts of diahorreah and cramping, and the bp (back passage) bleeding then continues throughout my 5 day period changing colour exactly like my period does. And then nothing until my next period. Obv the coil messed my cycle up, and now the bleeding is more regular. Does this sound familiar ED34? Along with pressure on my rectum and vaginal wall. My GP, and this gynae seems to think my symptoms don't relate to bowel endo. And he is an endo specialist. Is bowel endo that rare that gynaes immediately discount it on that basis aloneI wonder? He also did an internal vaginal scan and saw a 2cm cyst but that's all. xx

  • Thanks Ange. Just to let you know, once I was diagnosed, we had ivf and I now have two daughters. All the very best and good luck to you. Xxx

  • What a happy ending! So happy to hear that. xxxxxx

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