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Mirena fitted - what should happen next?

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So the gynecologist believes I have endo, didn't want to do a lap so I was recommended having the mirena coil fitted. I did 3 days ago. I was actually surprised how well I tolerated the pain, however didn't feel to great 5 minutes after it was all over, no one ever warns you about them bits.

All I want to know is are you supposed to cramp 3 days after, the pain is horrendous and yet i haven't bled once. I've felt for my strings and believe i can feel them. I've also been told to keep on my pill for 7 days after fitting, does anyone know if I will bleed after i stop taking my pill. I'm just scared of the unknown, the doctor terrified me at the thought of getting a pelvic infection and I suppose I don't want to confuse crampyness with it. Or is the coil just doing what it's supposed to do?

Even though the doctor was experienced in fitting coils, she didn't have much knowledge on the coil and endo

Any advice would be great or any similar stories

Thank you

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Hello, I have just posted a very similar story, I had my coil fitted 3 days ago and am in lots of pain also. I hope you feel better soon 

Hi, I've just read your post. I wouldn't be happy with going through all of that and then end up not even having the mirena fitted. I'm still in lots of pain, it woke me up every hour last night and now I'm at work with my flask of tea and wheat bag and debating which pain relief to go for. 

Hope you're feeling better

Hi as far as I know the coil can take quite a few months to settle. So I think the cramping is normal. Sorry I can't offer more help.

Hiya, I too had the mirena coil fitted 3 weeks ago. The first week I didn't bleed but had awful cramps, they were so bad I thought I was going to pass out. Then I had a very heavy and painful period but now I feel fantastic. I am bleeding on off (basically brown) and have a bit of back ache and some mild cramps here and there but nothing compared to endo pain which I was getting on a daily basis.

It is normal to have bad cramps at the beginning and normal to not bleed straight away. Every woman is different! It seems like the coil is really helping me already so I hope it does the same for you :).

9 months of misery, my hair was falling out, bled every day. Apparently I'm in the 5% so don't be worried!

The cramps i'm experiencing now are worse than endo/period pains. Will it be like this for 6 months +?

I think once I stop my pill then the bleeding will start. I understand you have to go through all of this bit to get to the good bit (hopefully)

I'm just terrified of the unknown and having to take more time off work.

I have been taking my pill back to back before my coil so I don't think that has helped because I felt like I needed a bleed before my coil was fitted.

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Megvarn in reply to missm87

I had cramps worse than endo and period pain put together too, and they lasted a good week or so. If you only had your coil fitted a few days ago then that will be why your in so much pain. I doubt the awful cramps will last the whole 6 months, mine went after a week and a half :)

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