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Should I have a laparoscopy?

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I’m 32 and I’ve got it stuck in my head I have endometriosis.

About 10 years ago for a few months I used to get sharp pains when having a bowel movement during my period...that hasn’t happened in 10 years.

My periods are all over the place 28 then 29 days then the next month 30.

My periods last 4-5 days..first two days are heavy and then light one I have pain and take painkillers and it takes it away.

Then after day 2 /3 pain gone.

Today the pain was about a 2/3 out of 10.

About 3-4 days before my period I get lower backache and really really really sore boobs,and feel really tired.

I had a ultrasound last year which showed I was about to ovulate and everything on that was normal (I know it can’t show endo)

So would you have the laparoscopy based on what I’ve said.

The pain I get isn’t bad at all only 2 days out of a month and low backache but the fact I had pain 10 years ago.

Also now before my period sometimes I feel like I need to urinate more frequent.

What do I do?

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Honey I would have it. That way you will know and if they find it they usually take t out at the same time. It’s mucj better to know than to not know xXx

Its a shame you are in the predicament of what to do as I was told this is what we will be doing! If you get the laparoscopy then you will have more answers hopefully x

Hey have you discussed any of this with your doctor yet? Also do you feel that it is affecting your life? The reason I am asking is that although the risk is low with a laparoscopy its not no risk. Everyone is different and of course you have a right to know but personally I wouldnt want to put my body through it for pain 2 or 3/10. It is entirely possible that you do have endo but it could also be just pms. I would look into it alot before you do anything and see if your symptoms match some of the people on here. For instance every single day I have at least 6/10 pain and it goes up to 10/10 at times. Its worse than labour pains, I had a pain free labour with no issues. I also get very nauseous and am constantly bloated looking like 8 months pregnant. I find it very difficult to eat, havent eaten a whole meal for over a year now. I get bad acne before and during my period. I have alot of stomach issues, it swings between diarrhoea and constipation. My mood can be awful. As time has being going on my fatigue is getting worse, I am for the first time in my life really struggling to wake up and could honestly stay in bed all day. Sex hurts alot and I bleed afterwards. It can be painful to have a bowel movement and occasionally there is blood. I also pee constantly and have been waking up between roughly 5 times a night to pee. When I do wake up in the morning with a full bladder it is very painful and cramps in my bladder. Not everyone will have the same symptoms but please just think if it would benefit your life to have the surgery.

Hiya. Everyone's symptoms and responses to Endo is very different so I don't want to belittle what you are feeling. For me, Endo symptoms are far different than period-like symptoms. Those you listed were my "normal". I have had end for 6 years now and I have experiences severe, debilitating pain to currently having no symptoms and little pain even though I have just had the confirmation of "severe deep infiltrating end" from an MRI in May.

If you've "got it in your head" then you'll see your symptoms greater than they are because you are viewing it through that lens. Endo symptoms tend to be apparent throughout the whole cycle, not just at your period and often mask themselves as "other issues" eg. IBS, food intolerances, etc.

Speak with the doc and push for a referral to a consultant who will be able to rule out your symptoms for sure. But Im sure they'd be looking to do less invasive tests first before offering a laparoscopy.

HTH :)

Hi, all symptoms are relative and only you know you body the best so I caution you against comparing yourself to others, but it’s very useful to get some perspective. From my own experience of endo, I would say that your symptoms would be a dream period for me at this point but normal for me at other points. I have endo pain every day, widespread in different areas within my pelvis, but endo isn’t just pain, it’s fatigue, possible bowel/bladder problems, nausea, and other issues, is there anything else that concerns you? One thing to bare in mind is that the amount of Endometriosis in your body is not related to the amount of pain, you can have very little disease and be completely debilitated or you can have large amounts of endo all over and not have any pain or symptoms. You have to decide if you want the peace of mind or if you can manage your periods as they are without surgical intervention, as a laparoscopy is not a walk in the park, it’s invasive and often very uncomfortable after. There is lots to consider but only know your body! Xx

I honestly am still in two minds.

If anything my periods are so much better now than say 6 years ago.

I do have ibs (or so I’m told ) but I have anxiety disorder too so that affects my stomach.

I am tired a lot ..but do have depression too and health anxiety.

If someone said can you live with the way things are I would say yes totally..I’m just scared I have endo and it will stop me having children.

Hello Lucy

Having a diagnosis of endo or confirming you don't have it won't tell you either way on if you'll have any issues conceiving. As you can have endo and not have issue or have it and have issues. Same with people who don't have endo, both is still true.

Personally I wouldn't get a lap in your situation as it is surgery so there are inherent risks with any surgery, for me if I wasn't trying to improve my quality of life I wouldn't feel like the risks are worth it.

When you are ready to try for children you can try and if you have issues that's when they can start looking into if you or your partner have any underlying conditions that may be contributing.

At the end of the day it is your choice and you need to go with what's right for you.


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