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Periods & Breakthrough Bleeding a year after Mirena being fitted - normal with Endo or not?

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I had the Mirena coil fitted in Dec’16, but I am still getting monthly periods - although much lighter, break through bleeding/spotting/mini periods in between?

Is this normal? Although I no longer get severe period pains, I still have the ‘endo’ pain - think I will get it taken out:(

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I hated the coil it made my life a living hell. I had it for 22 months and never stopped bleeding and never stopped endrometriosis pain. I have been on the the contraceptive injection for the past 9 months and I love it. I haven’t bled once for 8 months I still get the endometriosis pain if I over do it but other than that nothing.

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MillyMe in reply to Pru1985

Wow! I see my Dr tomo and ask to try that it a particular brand of contraceptive injection I need to ask for? And how long to settle down?

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Pru1985 in reply to MillyMe

Honestly I can’t rember the name of it. I have it every 12 weeks. I am on my second one. My periods stopped within 4 weeks and I haven’t bled since. I still get endro pain if I over do it and sore boobs but completely manageable

I have the coil and still get breakthrough bleeding and periods. Unfortunately some people still do... but compared to what I was dealing with it’s a lot better than It used to be xx

I had the coil in for just over a year and I’m sure it made everything worse! I’m on the depo injection too (the contraceptive injection mentioned above) and it’s pretty much taken all my pain away.. the only downside being that I bleed every day..

It effects everyone differently, but it may be worth you speaking to your GP about it!

Best of luck! X

I had it for a month, I was bleeding and in pain every single day during that month. My Dr removed it, said my body was rejecting it, trying to push it out. It was a nightmare. But I bleed with any other contraceptive... Depo after lap worked for me, no pain, no bleeding (other side effects though).

Hi you could have add on mini pill it helped me x good luck xx

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LISaprag in reply to persil

What mini pill u on

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