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Mirena Coil Problems.. advice on what to do next?


I Had a laparoscopy and was diagnosed with endo in October, I was told it was severe as it was found everywhere. I'm only 23 and i have no kids, but my gynaecologist who performed my op told me that I should start trying for kids sooner rather than later as i would struggle, which was devastating to hear (unfortunately me and my partner are not ready yet). I had a mirena coil inserted whist I was under (As was told it would keep my endometriosis at bay) and had nothing but problems ever since. I've ended up back in hospital twice suffering with awful pain and morphine was the only thing that could help. been back to the doctors last week and been palmed off with more pain killers and been told to persevere. Im constantly bleeding and in pain everyday (Im living off codine and paracetamol) and was told my endo is still active. so kinda confused with what the point of having the coil.... is anyone else having this same problem? or anyone got any advice with what to do now? I'm not to sure how long i can deal with this, its ruining my life and my relationship.

thank you :)

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Hi I got the mirena coil fitted around 4 months ago and has been the best thing! First 3 months were horrible and I was going to get it taken out but this month the period has been light less pain less pms symptoms! I got told to wait it out, and if you have the ability I would try and wait at least 3 months to settle in! Good luck!

Mia91 in reply to amberm

Hi amberm,

Maybe your right maybe I should try and hold out, it's only been 5 months hopefully it will all start settling down thank you for your advice. Was very helpful.

Did they remove much during the lap? And did they suggest there were any worrying adhesions, or places they had not been able to remove tissue from? It could be these bits causing trouble? My experience of mirena - after a few months - was heaven, but my endo was mild - I think - compared to most on here.

Mia91 in reply to GrittyReads

Hi GrittyReads.

They said they couldn't remove it all, and I might find there are still some left behind which they couldn't get, they did mention that it was covering my right side a lot worse especially around my ovary. You are possibly right that this is what's causing my problems. Aww that good you have had no problems, it's worrying when lots of people do. It's nice to hear someone saying good things. There's still hope for me yet :)

Hi! I have severe Endo and had coil fitted a year ago, first 4 months were hard and had non stop bleeding. But it has helped massively and I am not sure how I could have coped without it. I had it fitted during surgery, which should be better as it is better placed. I'm much older than you and my condition is very bad so having major op in May, only option now. But you are young and yet to have a family, do your best to hang in there (i know it's easier said than done) but it could be worth it. Get a hot water bottle on your tummy, that always helps alongside painkillers. Lots of love and good luck xxx

Mia91 in reply to faffy73

hi faffy73, thank you for your advice, I will definitely get my hot water bottle at the ready for my next bad episode, I will give myself another few more months to see how i get on. I hope your surgery goes well and you get the problem sorted. best of luck. xxx

I'm also 23 with no kids and like you me and my partner are not ready Iv not asked about whether or not ill struggle with having kids as I'm worried with what they will say everyone Iv met with endo has kids so I'm keeping my hopes up

Mia91 in reply to Vickie-keys

hi vickie, its hard when your not quite sure what will happen and what is the best treatment, I have met a few people too that have managed to have kids with endo but i def think it depends on how severe it is, because i also know some people who haven't been so lucky. just like you i'm keeping my hopes up. maybe you should find out so you can feel prepared for when you are ready, i didn't ask but she told me straight away out of surgery, but it's make me feel a little more aware with whats going on with my body, and its given me a time to adjust to the situation. fingers crossed for us both :)

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