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How long should I expect to bleed after mirena coil fell out?

Hi, I had my mirena coil fitted 19 months ago in an attempt to combat heavy & painful periods, I then bled pretty much for 6 months solid & was beginning to wish I'd not had it fitted but then after the 6 months it settled right down. I had only light bleeding every 6 weeks or so and barely had any period pain. I was so pleased that finally something had worked.

Then 5 weeks ago I started what would turn into a 3 week long, painful heavy period. I made a doctors appointment & typically it all stopped that day! I had a break for 7 days then it all started up again and then 3 days into my period, 5 days ago my coil fell out! Initially the bleeding almost stopped but now I'm flooding lots and losing big clots. I can't get a doctors appointment for 2 more days. Is this bleeding normal after a coil falling out? I'm 46 and hoping I hit the menopause soon so my periods just stop!

I'm so tired after bleeding for so long & I'm taking iron supplements and ponstan which is supposed to slow the bleeding.

Any advice welcome, thanks.

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My first mirena fell out, but that was about six weeks after it was fitted and during a very heavy bleed.

I think you need to get medical advice urgently. If I was you I would call the out of hours doctors tonight.

But if you are in a lot of pain, I feel you should go to A&E.

Take care.



Oops sorry I think I replied in the wrong place


Thanks for your reply!

Thankfully I'm not in pain right now even with the big clots, if I was I would definitely go to A & E. I think if it hasn't settled by morning I'll have to get an emergency appointment but I hate making a nuisance of myself at the doctors, I just wish I knew if this was normal after a coil expelling itself after so long.


It's not normal and you will not be making a nuisance of yourself


Ok thanks, will phone doc first thing in morning!


the big clots could partly be explained by cervical mucus which is goop that builds up from th cervix and around the mirena and holds it in place.

If the mirena is pulled out or falls out this mucus goop will follow and if you are bleeding will mix with the blood and probably give the appearance of clots...in addition to the fact you could have old clots in there from the mucus plugging up the cervix for so long that any later spotting or bleeds will get trapped in there and also now make their way down and out.

That being one side of things. if you are also fresh bleeding alot and it is bright red, and the ponstan isn't yet stemming the tide then you need to report this to the GP but there isn't a lot more can be done to speed up the clotting till it settles and the wounds clot by themselves. Taking more clotter drugs puts you at risk of DVT elsewhere in the body which as we all know is lot more dangerous.

Your GP or A&E can and will check your blood pressure and if it is dangerously low then they can offer you treatment for that. If you can't get to your GP tomorrow then pop to A&E. it doesn't take more than 5 minutes to set up and test your blood pressure to make sure you are still within safe limits despite the bleeding.

Blood loss leading to hypotension needs to be monitored, so your Gp or the hosp will not mind you turning up to get checked. It is best that you do get checked.

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Thank you, have had a better night and day today, heavy bleeding but no flooding or clotting so docs receptionist felt it would wait until tomorrow when I'm due to see doctor anyway.


Well I went to see the doctor today, he's referring me to the hospital and in the meantime has prescribed me norethisterone, which apparently stops the bleeding in it's tracks, and iron tablets and told me to rest. His opinion is that the hospital will either want to try me with another coil or do an endometrial ablation

Let's hope the norethisterone works quickly!


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