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New here



I’ve just posted this on the thyroid website but thought I’d say hello on here too

Just wanted to hear from people who also have diabetes along with hypothyroidism and PCOS

Diagnosed very hypothyroid 2017 I take 20 Liothyronine and 125 thyroxine I have the dio2 gene variant also take b complex vitamin d magnesium selenium

Follow a keto diet as best as I can but I’ve gained 4 stone since being diagnosed hypo

Also have PCOS too

I haven’t felt well for 3 years on and off but thought it was my thyroid then they diagnosed PCOS too

Symptoms came back worse in April this year dizzy no energy massive weight gain periods stopped and haven’t restarted Stretch marks on tummy very bad upper abdominal bloating I seriously look 9 months pregnant sweating headaches pain in legs back ache constipation no motivation just feel awful struggle to get a deep breath cannot stand the heat ..

Checked for Cushings was normal

Bloods showed nothing Had all done including all vitamins etc other than dio2 gene had hba1c fine in April was 38 and also beginning of August was 41 So not even pre diabetic

Had a fasting blood glucose last week this was 8.8 and my hba1c had gone to 46

I’ve got to now have a glucose tolerance test as they think I’m diabetic I didn’t think it could come on that quick?

Can anyone relate to any of the above does anyone have all 3 conditions

I feel like I’m falling apart at 42!

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Hi and welcome to the group, Fox78. 😀👍🌈 Thank you for introducing yourself to everyone.

I’m a type 1 Diabetic with PCOS and a few other medical issues. I eat a low carb high protein and gluten free diet plan for better blood sugar control and because of a wheat/gluten intolerance issue. I also use two types of insulin ( fast/long acting) along with using my CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring) system.

For the PCOS, I had surgery done in August 2012 to help fix the issues that I was having at the time. Before the surgery, I would have severe lows with cramps the night before I got my period.

HU has a group for PCOS. Have you checked out the group’s page?

I hope this helps.😀👍🌈

Fox78 in reply to Activity2004

Hi and thank you

Yes I’m a member already PCOS group and on Facebook too

So is it normal for diabetes to come on suddenly as my hba1c was normal back at the beginning of August?x

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Fox78

It can be different for everyone. I’ve been type 1 since I was 2 weeks old after surgery in 1980 and had most of my pancreas removed because it put out too much insulin. I’m 40 years old and I have been Diabetic for 39 years.

Did you get medication for the PCOS? If you have been put on birth control for period issues, they can raise your blood sugars.

Fox78 in reply to Activity2004

Hi there

I was on metformin but told to come off it in April as they wanted to test my hormones And I never had a period they gave me norithisterone to induce a period but I only took that for 5 days and 5 days later had a period the test was done ( days into my period x

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Fox78

A lot of birth control medication can cause high blood sugars depending on the week/dosage you’re on at the time. It took a few years to figure out the correct medication and then I still needed surgery.

Fox78 in reply to Activity2004

Ok thank you I will let you know how I get on appreciate you replying x :)

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Fox78

Thank you! We will be here when you have the information from the doctor.😀👍🌈

Stay safe and healthy.

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