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Steroid indused diabetes

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Hi I'm confused I have been pre diabetic for as long as I can remember a few years ago I had Bariatric sugery 2010 and know this year I have had low Ag10 blood results 13. and hypo episodes with Bm of 3.2 I was advised to eat every 2 hours and referd to the hospital in November last year that appointment is coming up in April, however I had a chest infection and Asthma exasbation from the 9th February and started Prednisone on the 11th February I am now on a reducing dose by 5mg over a 5 days to stop on the 3rd April . I have had hyperglycaemic symptoms and Bm of over 13.0 the highest was 18.4 since being on the Prednisone and also just prior to starting them.

Does this mean I am diabetic know as it started prior to the preds treatment and is breathlessness a symptom of Hyperglycaemia please advise.

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I've got steroid induced T2 diabetes. I was in a three month course. have you had your blood sugar checked? Or an HbA1c done? That will definitely tell you if you are diabetic.

If you are get a copy of Dr David Cavan's excellent book about How to Reverse Your T2 Diabetes, buy your own blood glucose meter - I had to buy my own - look at the website and the DietDoctor website and set about reversing it.

I'm due another HbA1c at the end of this month I have to say I'm nervous but very hopeful that the outcome will be good.

When I was put on meds for my arthritis I was well warned about the problems with hydroxychloroquine but nothing was said about the prednisolone causing problems, considering that at the time I was prediabetic it would have been a good idea if it had been mentioned. Still I had a few months feeling like Wonder Woman.

Thank you ilopl look this up does it go away when the meds stop?

Hopefully yes, the doc was confident enough that diet and exercise would help. I was listed as glucose impaired rather than T2 for three months and will have another HbA1c before they decide so fingers crossed. I'll let you know when I find out :)

Good luck with your test

Thank you.

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Have you told the doctor that you are having breathing issues on the meds.? If so, what did he/she say?

Yes but not re diabetes can hyperlycemia cause breathlessness and racing Hart shaking along with other more common symptoms when you're Bm is high?

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to jackie111095

It depends on the person. Please tell your doctor and see what you can do.

I will speak to the Dr thank you

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to jackie111095

You're welcome.

What is your thyroid like - I'm in remission from Graves which is hyper with antibodies, I had the shakes and pounding heart plus loads of other weird and annoying symptoms. Like Activity says it's definitely worth speaking to your doctor if you are breathless.

Done know to be honest although is that a common test or routine test ?

I'm not sure if it is, probably depends on your symptoms etc. I had had all sorts of weird symptoms - I felt like a hypochondriac to be honest but by the time I was diagnosed I had lost a ton of weight, my hands shook like nothing on earth, my heart was pounding like it was going to bounce out of my chest and my thighs were so weak I couldn't get myself up of the ground, actually all of me was weak, I used to have to sit down in shops - on the seats left out for the elderly and sick.

My thyroid was tested because the symptoms were obvious to the doctor I saw but my symptoms weren't obvious to any of the others I'd seen in the past - and the not too distant past either.

Bariatric surgery can severely impact on your ability to absorb B12. If you are deficient that could explain some of the symptoms you are experiencing

You can find a check list of the symptoms here


There is a significant overlap between the symptoms of b12 deficiency and diabetes and it is not uncommon for the two to occur together - for a number of reasons.

a B12 deficiency can, in rare instances, impact on blood sugar levels

If you think it is likely I'd recommend joining the PAS forum on health unlocked as tests aren't as good a guide as GPs sometimes think they are.

I have a history of mild pantocypinia that is idiopathic and Coeliac disease but this breathlessness is new and the Asthma has been ruled out I am already linked in to the PAS group and a great that could be a possibility as when I was tested I was already on folic acid and I am aware that can give a negative test but as I stressed this is all new and I have had bloods done three times since this started the only thing that wasn't picked up on was the blood sugar as on each test that where in normal range confusing

To say the least

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