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HbA1c 51 to 35 in six months

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In February I was attending a hospital appointment about my thyroid and the specialist said your blood sugar is a serious problem, when we’re you diagnosed? I was a little shocked as I hadn’t been.

I have eye issues and numb toes which GP put down to thyroid and sent me on my way. The specialist said it was all diabetes related & see GP to get medication, referral to a diet trial & eye checks.

The GP said rubbish, my result HbA1c 51 was mild and not possibly causing any symptoms. I was sent off with the advice “reduce carbs” & retest in a few months.

I’m very overweight but in 6 months I have lost 55lbs by reducing calories and eating less than 80g carbs per day.

After lots of failed bloods test attempts I was finally managed to get a repeat blood test done June and I was told normal, no further action my HbA1c is now 35. It also looks like my cholesterol has shot up according to the hospital, but the GP can’t view the recent result so won’t look into it.

I am wondering if the first result was false. Does the improvement sound plausible or is it more likely one of the tests is wrong?

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Hi, had you had your blood tested prior to the 51 hba1c?

It is rather fast to come down to 35 but not impossible and I think if your GP knew your hba1c was 51 you should have had a second test to check.

My hba1c was a lot higher on diagnosis and went down to 41 after 6 months on medication and LCHF diet. I came off meds and my hba1c now has stayed at 35 for a while. Mine was probably high due to steroids that spike sugars.

Good luck and I hope you get sorted with your thyroid problems

Thanks for your reply.

I haven’t had a hba1c before but the year before I had a fasting blood glucose which was 4.9 (4.0 - 6.0).

I now suspect my increase was due too much antithyroid medication causing my thyroid levels to go below range. I was told to reduce the medication around the same time.

The GP didn’t think I need medication if I reduced carbs.

That being said I was Hba1C 125 in June last year when I was diagnosed and in a month I got down to 72 :) so it really pays off all the hard work :)

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Hi PurpleNails,

Can you get a second opinion with another doctor and then an appointment in or on video chat?

Thanks for your reply.

I had some different blood test today, so will chase them up soon. Appointments have been very difficult lately, hospital tends to cancel any I have and any contact with GPs is strictly via the surgery message system. I’ll keep pressing for answers for all my issues.

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Thank you for letting us know. When you get your results, please let us know if there's any change.:-)

First off, congratulations on the weight loss and determination. That is admirable. The cholesterol has flagged up so a concern for that, your eyes and feet are important and therefore, case is not closed! As my colleagues note a second opinion is required if you can get it. Lost time can be concerning especially as you are aware you still need explanations or answers. Hoping your persistence yields results. Again good job in improving your health with weight loss. Best wishes in your journey.

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Thank you

I will have to keep being persistent & get some answers.

We're all in a transition era here. People were told to follow a low-fat diet for decades, which inevitably meant eating more carbohydrate than is good for us especially if you have diabetes.

Now people are having to overcome their fear of fat, and when they do they are able to keep their carbohydrate intake to 80g per day and see better results than they ever thought possible.

Even 'normal' people would be far healthier on half the current RDA of carbohydrate.

I should add that no-one is saying to eat saturated fat recklessly, but getting most energy from natural fat, in a ratio of 3:2 monounsaturated to saturated is ideal.

Your reduction in numbers is perfectly plausible. I got myself into the pre-diabetic range, 47, in December by losing a bit of weight but have made a big effort this year by going on a low carb diet and have lost 56lb since Christmas and I'm now down to 36. Currently working on reducing my meds. Hope all goes well for you.

Thank you, you have done amazing with your weight loss.

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